6 Best 16 Inch Bikes 2021

Finding a bike for adults is rather easy nowadays, but finding the best 16 inch bike can be a real struggle. There are several reasons that back this statement, one of which is the fact that you can’t know what’s best for your little one.

After hours of research and thorough analysis, we’ve compiled this list of the top six 16 inch bikes that are currently available. Take a close look at it before we go into the in-depth analysis of the top 3 products in this category.

Top Six 16 Inch Bikes Table

PictureNameBrief DescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
Brief Description
Rating (1-5)
1. Merax Children's Bike with Training Wheels 16 Inch Tool set included/ Detachable Training Wheels/ Adjustable Seat Height$$4.8
2. Tykesbykes Sprinter Kids Bike Aluminum Frame/ Aluminum Rims/ Brakes/ Wide Handlebars$$$$4.7
3. Yamaha Moto 16" BMX Bike Unique Design/ Front Brake/ Comfortable Saddle/ Trainng Wheels Included$$4.6
4. Tauki Kid Bike BMX Detachable Training Wheels/ Steel Frame/ Adjustable Seat Height/ Adjustable Handlebars Height$$$4.6
5. Power Rangers Boy's 16-Inch Mega Force Bike, Black and Red Unique Design/ Coaster Brake/ Detachable Training Wheels/ Front Brake$4.5
6. Power Rangers Boy's 16-Inch Mega Force Bike, Black and Red Unique Frame Geometry/ Detachable Training Wheels$4.5

The Best 16 Inch Bike – What Does It Have?

  • Reliability. Your kid is not going to go downhill with high momentum, but having a reliable bike that won’t break is a must. For instance, if the training wheel cracks your kid will have a bad time. And nobody wants that to happen, right?
  • Versatility. By versatility we mean flexibility and the ability to adapt the bike to the needs of you child. We can point out an adjustable seat height, detachable training wheels and adjustable handlebars.
  • Price. Buying a child’s bike differs from buying an adult one. The bike will be too small for your little one in a short period. However, an affordable bike comes with tradeoffs in the quality and design area.
  • Design. It must look appealing to the child’s eye. Your kid must like it. The best 16 inch bike is loved by all children. If it doesn’t look attractive your kid can’t show off. On top of this if your kid doesn’t like the way the bike looks, it won’t use it all.

Top Three Bikes Reviews

1. Merax Bike with Training Wheels

Buying a child’s bike shouldn’t be a stressful task, but you shouldn’t neglect the safety and the happiness of your little as well. It has a durable steel frame that won’t break even if an adult were to attempt to ride the bike. Furthermore, the Merax comes with detachable training wheels. When your child is able to maintain balance on the bike without the training wheels touching the ground, feel free to remove them. This is what makes detachable training wheels so convenient.

You don’t have any tools around your place? There’s nothing to worry about as this particular bike comes with its own tool set. Despite the fact that it comes almost 85% assembled the tool set can come in handy for other purposes as well. We mentioned how the appearance or the design is very important to the child’s eye. The Merax comes in three different colors, blue, black and red. If it’s a girl, go straight up for the red one. This bike comprises of all crucial features and it looks amazing. There are many reason why this is the best 16 inch bike.

2. Tykesbykes Sprinter

Although a 16 inch bike the Tykesbykes Sprinter is for children who are already advanced cyclists. By advanced we don’t mean professional cyclists, but that they can keep balance without the presence of training wheels. This is a premium 16 inch bike. It even comes with front and rear disc brakes. However, the price tag is premium as well.

Due to the high build quality and long lasting components this bike will be in perfect shape long after you get an upgrade for your little one. This does not necessarily mean it’s disposable. You never know what’s around the corner, maybe your child’s brother and sister will find it useful.

The Tykesbykes Sprinter is a miniature version of a premium mountain bike. However, due to the high price we have it as second on our best 16 inch bike list.

3. Yamaha Moto 16″ BMX Bike

One of the key reasons why this particular product deserves to be among the top 3 16 inch bikes is the extraordinary design. Children love this bike, especially boys. It has a coaster brake and a front hand brake. The manufacturer is a reputable motorbike producer, this time around they’ve reduced the scale and put some training wheels on it so the youngest can enjoy also. The wheels can be removed once the child is prepared to ride it around without their help.

The seat is huge and comfortable. However, you cannot adjust the seat height. It can be considered as a flaw, but not to an extent to become a deal breaker. Let your kid be the judge if you doubt your decision.

We must point out the affordable price. If we consider all the elements it comes with, and the authentic look, the price ends up looking underrated. It looks so authentic that your kid will want a real Yamaha in a couple of years.