5 Best Bike Accessories 2021

If you are looking for bike accessories that will make your rides easier, more exciting and more convenient you’re at the right place. Finding the best accessories that are going to be useful at a low price is not an easy task, especially if you don’t know what you’re actually looking for.

We’ve compiled a list of the best bike accessories we deem are crucial for any type of cycling. They may look to you as dispensable at this moment, but all it takes is one ride to notice the differences. Read on and you’ll learn a great deal about bike accessories in general. But first, let’s take a look at the top 6 bike accessories.

Top 5 Bike Accessories Table

PictureNameBrief DescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
Brief Description
Rating (1-5)
1. Bonmixc Bike Tail Light Rechargeable, Super Bright LED Bike Rear Light 200m visibility/ USB Rechargable/ Waterproof/ Easy to install$$5
2. Bike Phone Holder with Tail Light Universal Mount Batteries Included Universal Fit/ Compatible With All Shapes and Sizes$5
3. Palmy Mini Aluminium U-lock (5.1" X 2.95") Black/gold Stylish U-Lock$$5
4. Cycle Torch USB Rechargeable LED Bike Light & Bicycle Frame Mounted Mini Pump Set USB Rechargable LED Light $$$$5
5. Ortlieb Saddle Bag Small/ Medium/ Large Reflectable Material/ Waterproof$$$$4.8

Why Every Cyclist Needs These Accessories

To put it in simple words, they make rides convenient. We gave random casual cyclists some of these gadgets and asked them to go on a ride with them. Once they got back they asked us if they can keep them. It only took one ride and they fell in love with them and what they did for them. Bear in mind, you can go cycling without them, they’re not a necessity, but they certainly make rides more convenient. For instance a front and rear light increases safety, a smartphone holder keeps your device in front of you and it’s always good to have a U-lock with you, you never know if you have to leave your bike out of sight. The best bike accessories come in cheap and have a long lasting life.

Top 3 Best Bike Accessories Reviews

1. Bonmixc Bike Tail Light

It’s simple, convenient, it can save you from accidents and it doesn’t cost much. The Bonmixc Bike Tail Light stands out from the rest of its competitors with several of its features. It’s a USB rechargeable gadget that can work for hours. It takes only 2 hours to fully recharge its batteries. It has 6 different lighting modes. Depending on the mode you choose the battery can last between 1.5 and 6 hours.

The Bonmixc stands out and we have it at the top of our best bike accessories list because it’s versatile. That said, it’s made to be mounted on the rear on your seat post, but you can attach it on your helmet or other piece of equipment with ease. The micro LED chip emits light that’s visible to up to 200m. Furthermore, the LED chip is visible from all angles, unlike other lights that are visible only if you look directly at them. Last, but not least, it’s easy to install. You don’t need any special tools to mount it on.

2. Truetec Phone Holder with Tail Light

Going for longer rides can become boring after a while. Your smartphone can be that piece of gadget you need to turn long, somewhat boring rides into an exciting one. However,in order this to be possible you need to have a smartphone holder. This is as good as it gets.

This offer includes a flexible, universal fit smartphone holder and a rear taillight. However, this tail light is nothing like the Bonmixc. The smartphone holder allows you to position your device in the best way possible. It supports 360 degree rotation. Your least concern is the safety of your device and the reliability. The rubber grips keep the phone in place even on bumpy terrain and at a higher velocity.

All you need to do is mount it on your handlebars, adjust the width of the holder and place your smartphone. That’s it, you’re all set!

3. Palmy Mini Aluminium U-lock

You probably never thought about buying one. But, you can’t know if it’s useful and convenient if you don’t have one. How many times have you been in a situation when you have to leave your bike out of sight for a couple of minutes, but you simply can’t. Why? Because you doubt somebody will steal it. We totally understand you. This is a simple, light and sturdy aluminum U-lock. It’s available in a range of colors, that’s if you’re not OK with this black and gold combination.

You’ll get three separate keys in case you lose one, or you want to give one to members of your family etc.Since it’s made of aluminum, it’s surprisingly light, but it’s also surprisingly durable. If somebody were  to attempt to break it and steal your bike, he will be slowed down quite a lot. Hopefully, it’ll be enough for you to come back.

As you can see some of the products are all rated with 5 stars. We had to do this because we simply couldn’t find any flaws. You can buy the best bike accessories for less than a fortune. That’s a full set!