Best Bike for 5 Year Old 2021

If you’re on a quest to find the best bike for 5 year old, make sure you don’t get lost in the labyrinth of thorough descriptions. You know what you need,but do you know what a 5 year old needs and wants?

We know that this process can be rather challenging. Below you can find the top 6 bikes for 5 year olds. They come in different shapes and sizes. One thing’s for certain, the offer is diverse. Our ranking list is based on the overall quality of the product and the value for money.

Top 6 Bikes for 5 Year Olds Table

PictureNameBrief DescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
Brief Description
Rating (1-5)
1. Cruzee UltraLite (4.2 lbs) Balance Bike 12" For Ages 18 Months to 5 Years (Blue) Light/ Verstatile/ Lifetime Warranty$$$$4.7
2. ERTL John Deere Heavy Duty 16" Bicycle Steel Frame/ Front Suspension Fork/ Detachable Training Wheels/ Coaster Brake/ Front Brake$$$4.5
3. Tauki 12 Inch 16 Inch Kid Bike BMX Freestyle for Boys and Girls Steel Frame/ Detachable Training Wheels/ Cool Design/ Coaster Brake/ Front Brake$$$4.5
4. RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bikes 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, in 5 colors, Boy's Bikes and Girl's Bikes as Gifts Steel Frame/ Adjustable Seat Height/ Detachable Training Wheels/ Coaster Brake/ Front Brake/ Bell$$$4.2
5. Dynacraft Magna Starburst Girl's Bike (16-Inch, Purple/White/Pink) Metal Frame/ Coaster Brake/ Front Brake/ Cool Design/ Training Wheels$$3.9
6. Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boy's Bike (16-Inch, Yellow/Black) Steel Frame/ Coaster Brake/ Training Wheels/ Lifetime Warranty/ Glossy Design$3.8

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bike for 5 Year Old

  • Appearance. Kids do not know what components are premium and if they’re considered as top tier. All they care about is how the bike looks. You might as well consult with your little one on this. After all, you’re not the one who’s going to ride the bike.
  • Price. Don’t get carried away. It’s a bike that will need an upgrade in 2 to 3 years time. However, the price is usually the best indicator for the quality of the bike, but there are certain exceptions.
  • Flexibility. The best bike for 5 year old kids comes with detachable training wheels, adjustable seat height, adjustable handlebars, a warranty is an option, coaster brake, etc.
  • Quality. Bike manufacturers want to cut costs as much as possible. This is the area you should pay attention to the most. Your kid is going to ride it. You might as well double check if it’s a reliable product.

Top 3 Best Bike for 5 Year Old Reviews

1. Cruzee Ultralite

First and foremost, at one point in time all of us were unable to maintain balance and ride bike on our own, without the help of training wheels. The Cruzee Ultralite is a balance bike, that’s amazing for toddlers and children. The skill level of the kid is irrelevant. This particular product is the lightest one you can currently buy. It’s the ideal stepping stone for your little one before they feel prepared for a proper bike. We put the Cruzee Ultralite on the 1st place on our best bike for a 5 year old list because of its outstanding build quality and durability.

It’s so durable that it comes with a lifetime warranty. There’s not much that can break or go wrong, so the warranty pretty much protects your interest in the event of the a breakage of the frame or the wheels.

If your little one is not prepared for a big bike yet, the Cruzee Ultralite is what you need without a doubt. We can already see this product given from generation to generation.

2. ERTL John Deere BMX

The appearance of the bike is very important to children. The ERTL John Deere BMX looks outstanding among other great features. The rear rack, the front and rear reflective lights are just a glimpse of the features this product has. Extra features that make the bike stand out from the rest are very important to the child’s eye. This goes to an extent when the quality of the bike becomes irrelevant. However, the ERTL John Deere looks spectacular and is made with great care and attention with high quality components.

We deem the price tag is appropriate for a bike of this kind of quality and design. It’s the complete package. It’s ideal for children within the age range of 4 to 8 years. The training wheels are there to  help if your little one is uncertain of its capabilities. Once the fear of losing balance is gone remove the wheels and let him/her speed like a rocket.

3. Tauki Bike BMX Freestyle

Every product comes with its own pros and cons. The Tauki BMX freestyle bike stands out from the rest due to its versatility and flexibility. That being said, the handlebars and the seat height can be adjusted, prolonging the useful life. Furthermore, the training wheels allow even a 2 year old to ride it around. Once they become disposable, they can be removed.

The high quality steel frame is covered with stickers to give it a blazing authentic look. Remember, it’s all about the looks and the design. Your kid is not going to take part in a race. Regardless, there’s a coaster brake and a front hand brake. That’s way too much stopping power, but you better be safe than sorry.

It may not look comfortable, but it is! It comes with a wide seat that takes care of any pains that might come up after riding around too long. Considering all of its features and its flaws the Tauki deserves to be on our best bike for 5 year old list.