6 Best Bike Saddle Bags 2021

The benefits of a high quality bike saddle bag are clear to most long distance cyclists. You will be able to carry everything that you need and keep your possessions safe throughout the ride.

There are a whole range of available products and the best bike seat bag for you can be quite difficult to determine. To make the buying process as simple as possible we have crafted a list of the finest options available and all the information you need about buying one.

Knowing the Options

Here are a few things to consider before looking over the list:

  • Color. Often buyers will think carefully about the size and the style of the saddle bag without considering how well it matches the bicycle. If you have spent a lot of money on a bicycle that you love then you certainly don’t want a saddle bag ruining the overall look of it.
  • Attachment Style. On our list we have both clip-on and strap-on options. You should look carefully at the way the bag attaches and decide how often you will be removing the bag from the bike. This will all determine exactly what kind of attachment style you need.
  • Types of Bag. There are two main types of saddle bags: ones that attach to the seat and a pannier, which is a pair of bags that hang over the rear wheel. There are benefits to both of these bags but generally those that are looking to store absolute essentials should opt for a seat bag and those that want to carry more should purchase a pannier.

Top 6 Bike Saddle Bags Table

PictureNameType of BagPriceRating (1-5)
Type of Bag
Rating (1-5)
1. TOPEAK Aero Wedge Seat BagSeat$$4.5
2. BV Bicycle Strap-On Saddle Bag / Seat BagSeat$4.4
3. Stansport Saddle BagPannier$$$4.3
4. BV Bicycle Clip-On Expandable Saddle Seat BagSeat$$4.3
5. ArcEnCiel Water-Resistant Bicycle Rear Seat Carrier Bag Double Pannier Bag Army Green 45LPannier $$$$4.1
6. CoBean Black Silkworm reflective trim seat saddle bagSeat $3.8

Which Is the Best Bike Saddle Bag?

There are two key factors you should think about before making your final decision:

  • Space. One of the most common criticisms of even the best bike seat bag products is that they do not hold all of the items that the rider wants to take. Often when a rider buys a saddle bag they will consider some things they would like to take but not all of them.

Really think about the needed space. If you are only considering the absolute basics, then most seat bags will fit your needs.

  • Security. All of the saddle bags on our list will keep your belongings dry and safe throughout the ride, but there can still be security problems. If you are planning on leaving the bag attached to the bike whilst it is left chained up in a public place then you should consider how easy it is to remove the bag and whether this is an additional security risk.

Top 3 Bike Saddle Bags Reviews

1. TOPEAK Aero Wedge Seat Bag

The TOPEAK Aero Wedge is a highly durable seat bag for anyone that needs to carry just a few things with them. The wedge style means that it sits nicely under the seat though there isn’t a lot of extra carrying capacity.

With high quality canvas, this little bag is incredibly durable and will keep your important belongings protected while you ride or even while your bike sits outside in the elements.

Due to the nature of this particular saddle bag, it is incredibly safe to use. It will never throw you off balance while you ride. It also has reflective strips to ensure that your bike is as visible as possible to others on the road.

2. BV Bicycle Strap-On Saddle Bag

What makes the BV Bicycle Strap-On the best bike saddle bag is the fact that it is lightweight and durable. It will hold all of your important things like your cell phone, keys and money without throwing you off balance.

The smaller nature of this bag is also great for anyone that is generally an over-packer. It gives you enough space to bring what you need without leaving you with too much extra room to just fill it up without reason.

This bag is, however, extendable, which means that if you do have the need to bring a little bit more then you do have some wiggle room. The sleek style of this bag also means that it goes with basically any style of bike.

3. Stansport Saddle Bag

The Stansport Saddle Bag is seriously stylish and roomy too. This pannier bag comes in a classic rustic green color with brown leather straps to give you more of a rugged look. This is a great saddle bag to take on a bicycle for a day trip.

It has all of the room you would need for extra gloves or some water. It also goes really well with any type of bike.

This bag can withstand any kind of weather and will make sure your possessions are safe at all times. Once it is strapped in properly you can travel without issue and will be able to leave it out in the rain if needed.