10 Best BMX Bikes 2021

If you are on a quest for the best BMX bike soon it will come to an end. We’ll take a look at the best BMX bikes available on the market and analyze them thoroughly.

This guide will show you what makes a BMX bike good and how to identify one. It will make your decision a lot easier. We’ll start off with the top 10 chart and then we’ll move on to a more in-depth analysis.

Top 10 BMX Bikes Overview Chart

PictureNameBMX StylePriceRating (1-5)
BMX Style
Rating (1-5)
1. Grenade B2 Men's BMX Bike Grey 20in/20.4inStreet/Flatland/Vert$$$$4.5
2. 20" Mongoose Mode 270 Boys' Freestyle Bike, BlackPark/ Vert/ Flatland/ Street$$4.4
3. Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Grind Pro BMX Bike (20-Inch Wheels)Park/ Flatland/ Street$$$$4.4
4. Mongoose Boy's Scan R40 Freestyle Bike, 20-Inch, CrimsonPark/ Vert/Flatland$$$$4.4
5. X-Games FS-20 Boys Bike (20-Inch Wheels), Black/RedPark/Vert/Flatland$4.1
6. Schwinn Boy's Throttle 20-Inch BMX Bicycle, BlackStreet/Flatland/Vert$$4.1
7. Mongoose 20-Inch Boy's Scan R30 Freestyle Bicycle, BlueStreet/Vert$$$3.9
8. Mongoose 20-Inch Boy's Scan R10 Freestyle Bicycle, BlackPark/ Flatland/ Vert$3.8
9. Kent Pro 20 Boy's Freestyle Bike (20-Inch Wheels)Park/Vert/Flatland$$3.6
10. Razor Agitator Freestyle BikePark/ Vert/ Flatland$$3.5

BMX Styles

There are different styles of riding a BMX. A freestyle BMX offers a lot of opportunity and freedom to the biker. The limit is the imagination and abilities the cyclist has. Generally, the BMX bikes are made from harder materials as they have to withstand high impacts. The landings can be pretty harsh once you multiply the speed you land with and your mass, the numbers are through the roof. From the appearance of the bike you’ll notice that it’s designed to offer great control and improved maneuverability. You can make sharp turns easy and safely.

Because of this abundance of opportunities the BMX offers a lot of styles to choose from. We’ll go through them and recommend you what features the BMX needs to have in order to give you greater possibilities and performance.

  • Street BMX. It involves riding through obstacles that are manmade. By obstacles we mean poles, pipes, curved walls, ledges etc. To practice this sort of riding you’ll need a BMX that is highly durable and in the same time will provide you with the necessary control. Falling off of your bike is not an issue here, breaking the frame is. That’s why the frame has to be of the highest of quality.
  • Flatland BMX. Spinning, turning on a flat surface is called flatland BMX. In order to go with this style all you need is a clear area where you can do your tricks. The BMX needs to have shorter wheelbase. Don’t be fooled by the size of this bikes, most of the time you’ll be standing on the pedals.
  • Park BMX. If you have a skate park close to your residence, most likely you’ll be doing this. Depending on the configuration of the park you might install some extra parts so you can do additional tricks. Once you try it you’ll visit the park every day.
  • Vert BMX. This requires a half-pipe and they are pretty hard to find. You’ve seen this type of riding on the TV where the cyclists do complex tricks that require a lot of height and speed.

Now that you know more about BMX and what type of styles there are that involve a BMX bike you can take a look at the top 3 best BMX bikes and their in-depth description.

Top 5 BMX Bikes Reviews

1. Grenade B2 Men’s BMX Bike

This is all you need no matter what style you intend to practice. It’s light and made with materials that are of the highest of quality. It’s precisely and carefully built to provide the owner with long and reliable use.

It has a sleek design that is a true eye-catcher. It looks simple and well made. You’ll get a lot of compliments not just for the tricks do, but for the BMX as well. The handlebars give you a nice control over the whole bike. You can remove the brake in order to be able to spin the handlebars as much as you want to, however we don’t recommend you doing that, your safety is at stake.

It suitable for every terrain you pick no matter the surface. It comes with nice wide tires that will give you the grip you need to do all the tricks you once dreamed of doing. The pedals will give you good grip to push for the force you need to lift off. They’re broad and have a pretty big surface to even the pressure for maximum force.

This is as good as it gets and for the price you pay you’ll get a true masterpiece that will go with you all the way, no matter what surface you pick.

2. 20″ Mongoose Mode 270 Freestyle

Brought to you by Mongoose the Mode 270 Freestyle BMX Bike is a true beast amongst the freestyle BMXs. You can spin, turn, grind with it without any trouble.

It’s a lightweight BMX with alloy rims and handlebars that you can spin for 360 degrees. That surely will open a whole range of tricks available to you.

The package includes brakes that will allow you to control the bike even on edges, but remember not to lose your balance!

With this offer you pay a little and you get a complete freestyle BMX that will make you the superstar in the park. Its subtle black color will make you look dangerous amongst other bikers.

3. Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Grind Pro

It’s a really nice bike made by Diamondback, the Grind Pro BMX is a true delight to have, riding it is a whole different story. It looks amazing, performs even better and will last for a pretty high number of rides.

It has this awesome red color that will make you stand out from your buddies at the skate park. It’s lightweight and very durable.

You’ll get this bike with 2 pegs so you can install them right away and hit the rails. Overall a really nice BMX from Diamondback that will make every ride better than the previous one.

4. Mongoose Boy’s Scan R40

This BMX focuses on providing you possibilities for more tricks. The frame is designed to provide durability while giving the biker the opportunity to spin, twist and turn in tiny areas.

The short wheelbase gives the biker more control over the bike. This of course means you’ll be able to do a whole new range of tricks a lot easier.

The guys from Mongoose really put a lot of effort to make this little beast perform outstandingly. It can certainly rank amongst the best BMX bikes.

5. X-Games FS-20 Boys Bike

Coming to place No.5 the X-Games FS20 will deliver all your requirements in the park and on the street. You just have to push it up a bit and you’ll be the star on the ground.

It has a boys and girls version so everybody can experience the fun this bike can offer. The frame looks amazing. The details make it one of the most stylish BMXs on the market today.

We don’t even have to talk about the quality of this bike as it can withstand the highest of jumps and most harsh landings you’ll try and hopefully succeed.

The package includes brakes and pegs so you can take it out for a ride as soon as you unpack it and assemble it.