10 Best Cycling Shoes 2021

Best Cycling Shoes If you are looking for some brand new cycling shoes, this is the place to look for! We will show you what the best cycling shoes on the market are currently.

There are 3 types of cycling shoes depending on the terrain they are used for. There are cycling shoes for road bikes, mountain bikes and somewhere in between there are the hybrids. Together we will rank, analyze and determine what shoes deserve to be called the best.

Things to Consider Before Buying Cycling Shoes

  • Comfort. Your feet will be in your cycling shoes the whole time while you’re cycling. That can be pretty long period. Feeling uncomfortable not only that can cause pain to your feet, you also lose on power since your body and mind is focused on the pain in your feet.
    You can excel as a cyclist only if you are in a natural and comfortable position.
  • Size/Shape. The size MUST match your feet. The shape of your foot is as important as the size is. Having a wide foot in a narrow shoe can cause issues. Look in great detail if the shoes match the shape and size of your feet, once you make the buying decision it can be costly to customize the shoes.
  • Style of Cycling. As we mentioned the shoes can be road shoes, off-road shoes or also known as mountain bike shoes and hybrid cycling shoes. Wearing road shoes and getting off your bike somewhere in the mountains will surely damage the shoes. If you do this more often it will reduce the useful life of the shoes dramatically.
  • Price. You can’t have what you can’t afford, yet. There are pretty great deals even below the $100 range. We’ve put quite a few in our chart, so you won’t have to do the tedious research.

Top 10 Cycling Shoes Overview Chart

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Shimano Men's Full-Featured Light Weight Performance Road Cycling ShoesRoad$$4.8
2. Shimano Men's SPD Sport Touring Road Cycling Shoes - SH-RT82 (Black - 43)Road$$$4.7
3. Giro Mens Factor Road Bike Shoes (Red/White - 40)Road$$$$4.7
4. Shimano Men's Club Recreation Road Cycling Shoes - SH-R088L (Black - 45)Road $4.7
5. Shimano Men's Off-Road Sport Cycling Shoes - SH-M088LMountain bike$$4.6
6. Northwave Men's Celsius Artic GTX Mountain Bike Shoe - 80102050-13Mountain bike$$$$$4.6
7. Shimano Men's All-Around Road Cycling Shoes - SH-R078L (Black - 45)Road $$4.6
8. Mavic Avenge Gentlemen white/black (Size: 41 1/3) Road Bike shoesRoad $$4.6
9. Louis Garneau Men's Carbon LS-100 Road Cycling ShoesRoad $$$$4.6
10. Giro Privateer Bike Shoe - Men's Black/Gum 47Hybrid$$$4.5

Road Bike Shoes vs. Mountain Bike Shoes

On a fundamental level both types will do their purpose on all terrains. However, they will not do it as good as if you are using the wrong type of cycling shoes, meaning, using road cycling shoes for mountain biking purposes and vice versa.

Generally, the mountain bike cycling shoes will be heavier because of the added crampons which will provide you with better grip once you’re off your bike in the mountains. This added weight can be of a downside for a lot of road cyclist.

The road cycling shoes will tend to be a lot easier and slim. Their ultimate goal is to provide the cyclist with utmost comfort while being as light as possible.

Both can be crafted from different materials, carbon, plastic etc., with carbon being the material that is the lightest and the most expensive.

As addition to all these features the cycling shoe should allow the feet to breathe. Your feet are sweating and you want fresh air to enter your shoe to freshen up your feet.

Top 3 Best Cycling Shoes Reviews

1. Shimano SH-R170

These shoes are worth every dollar you pay for them. They’re light, comfortable and will provide ventilation for your feet. This is as good as it gets!

The Shimano SH-R170 will transfer your energy fully to the pedals and from there on the road. They are specially designed to support your arch while transferring the force effectively and efficiently.

We all want to have good looking stuff. Well, these shoes are amazing when it comes to appearance. They come in white and black and in many sizes! Certainly you’ll find the right one for you!

Overall, No.1 among the best cycling shoes!

2. Shimano SH-RT82

A worthy competitor of the Shimano SH-R170, the Shimano SH-RT82 will provide your feet with comfort and support for longer rides. When your trip requires more hours on the saddle, you want your feet to feel as comfortable as possible. These shoes will do exactly that!

They are safe and will protect your feet in the event of a crash or if you hit something with your foot. Great for commuting, casual cycling and you might as well use it for more challenging road cycling. These shoes CAN DELIVER what you need from a cycling shoe!

3. Giro Road Bike Shoes

These shoes might cost more, but they are not overpriced. The value you get from these shoes is through the roof compared with the price.

They are light as a feather. Once you get on the bike you won’t feel them, as If they disappeared. The Giro Factor Cycling shoes will provide ventilation for your feet and great comfort.

You’ll get in and out of them with ease. They have a big velcro and a buckle to give you that stiffness and contact that you need to transfer the force efficiently.

You can get them in different colors and different sizes. They blend in perfectly to any cycling outfit and any bicycle!

The Giro Factor Shoes are on a well-deserved 3rd place in the ranking for best cycling shoes.