6 Best Cycling Sunglasses 2021

If you’re looking for a pair of cycling glasses it can be rather difficult to compare and contrast each product. Finding the ideal pair that matches your needs seems impossible. However, have no worries as we’re here to help.

This guide will show you the best cycling sunglasses the market currently has to offer. We will also provide you with a thorough analysis of the top 3 sunglasses to make your final buying decision as easy as it get can get.

Considerations Before Buying Cycling Glasses

  • Appearance. Without doubts wearing sunglasses makes any person look cooler. The appearance or the design of the glasses is probably the most important feature. If you look cool with them on you’ll like to wear them. Otherwise you’ll try to replace them soon after you buy them.
  • Lenses. UV protection protects your eyes from dangerous UV rays. Protecting your eyes prevents headaches and you’re able to see much clearly. You also can detect obstacles from far away and you can prepare for them.
  • Frame Material. Usually the frame is made of plastic. However, there are some glasses which have frames that include a bit of lightweight metal. This makes them more durable, but also makes them a bit heavier.
  • Price. Probably the only item where we don’t recommend saving money on. A pair of good sunglasses can last for years. Premium cycling sunglasses have it all, the looks, great lenses and long lasting life. When it comes to sunglasses usually the most expensive ones are the best cycling glasses.

Top 6 Cycling Sunglasses Ultimate Chart

PictureNameDescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. FiveBox Polarized U.V Protection Sports Glasses ,Cycling Wrap SunglassesPolarized Lenses made out of Shatterproof PC material$$5.0
2. Oakley Men's Jawbreaker OO9290-03 Shield SunglassesPlastic Frame/ Plastic Lenses/ 100% UV Protection Coating$$$$4.9
3. Tifosi T-I291 Envy Sunglasses,Silver Frame Frame/Grey Lens,one sizeNylon Frame/ PC lens/ 100% UV Protection Coating/ Shatterproof$$$4.9
4. Tifosi Podium Shield SunglassesPlastic Frame/ Plastic Lenses/ 100% UV Protection Coating$$$4.9
5. Tifosi Veloce Veloce 1040100222 Wrap SunglassesNylon Frame/ PC lens/ 100% UV Protection Coating/ Shatterproof$$$4.8
6. Bobster ESH211 Shield Sport SunglassesPlastic Frame/ Plastic Lenses/ 100% UV Protection Coating$4.7

Three Best Cycling Sunglasses Reviews

1. FiveBox Polarized U.V Protection

After long discussion we decided these sunglasses are the best deal currently available. The FiveBox Polarized UV Protection Sport Glasses protect, clarify and look amazing. They come with 5 interchangeable shatterproof PC lenses in different colors. Now you don’t need to buy another pair of glasses, just change the lenses. The frames also come in different colors. Surely there’s a color combination that will match your bike or your outfit. On top of this each pair of lenses is designed for particular weather conditions. For example, during cloudy weather you want to put on light yellow lenses, during sunny weather dark polarized lenses are the way to go.

Wearing these for hours won’t leave you strange marks on your face. Sweat just passes by next to the frame. This is very important as sweat can be a nest for bacteria that can eventually lead to the formation of things similar to pimples.

And lastly, they don’t cost a small fortune. Grab them and run is what I’d do!

2. Oakley Men’s Jawbreaker

Oakley’s glasses are quite popular among professionals and recreational cyclists alike. This is due to their outstanding reputation and consistent high ratings they tend to receive. The Oakley Jawbreaker are indeed jaw breaking. They come with a convenient compact case to have them protected when you’re not having them on.

Both the lenses and the frame are made out of plastic, but a plastic of the highest quality. The lenses have a 100% UV protection coating to ensure the wearer will not have any issues with negative UV rays. The color of this particular model comes from the non-polarized Iridium.

We don’t even want to start commenting on the looks as they look startling. The futuristic design really makes the stand out from the rest of the competition. However, due to the high price we can only have the as 2nd on our list.

3. Tifosi T-I291 Envy

The Envy T-I291 brought to you by Tifosi have a minimalistic design. Unlike the previous two pairs which look frightening, these look quite calm. However, they still uphold to the expectations of the majority of cyclists. Some prefer glasses that follow a rather traditional principle without unnecessary elements attached.

They come with a Grilamid TR-90 frame which fits perfectly on every person. The standard geometry really puts it well ahead other glasses as one size fits them all. You don’t have to worry about any UV rays as the lenses have a coating that provides the wearer with a 100% UV protection.

The package includes three sets of interchangeable lenses each targeting unique weather conditions. It’s all a cyclist needs to tackle the road with great visibility of what’s coming in his or hers way.

Getting a pair of these guarantees you value for money. Despite all of the amazing features we can only give them a well-deserved 3rd place on our best cycling sunglasses list. If you still have no idea what is the right pair for you take another look at the table.