6 Best Cyclocross Bikes 2021

If you’re looking for a bike that can perform well both on pavement and dirt you’re looking for a cyclocross bike. Although fairly similar to a common road, there are some significant differences that simply make a cyclocross bike stand out from the road bike family.

This guide will show you what it takes for a cyclocross bike to be considered as great. Furthermore, we’ll take a close up look at the top 3 products in this category and see what the best cyclocross bike is capable of.

Top 6 Cyclocross Bikes Overview Chart

PictureNameDescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Habanero Titanium Cyclocross Frame - Disc BrakesDurable Titanium Frame/ Disc Brakes$$$$4.9
2. Nashbar CX1 Cyclocross Bike - 51 CMAluminum Frame/ Aluminum Rims$$$4.8
3. Diamondback 2013 Steilacoom RCX Cylcocross BikeAluminum Frame/ Aluminum Rims$$$$4.6
4. Merax 21 Speed 700C Aluminum Road Bike Racing BicycleAluminum Frame/ Aluminum Rims$$4.1
5. Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed ShimanoAluminum Frame/ Double Walled Rims$$3.8
6. Takara Genkai Cyclocross Bike, 57cm/LargeChromalloy Steel Frame and Fork/ Aluminum Alloy Rims$$3.6

Crucial Features a Cyclocross Bike Must Have

  • Exceptional Frame. A common road bike frame must transfer the energy efficiently. That’s pretty much it. However, a cyclocross bike frame needs to be reinforced in certain key points as it must endure stronger impacts. A broken frame is not worth anything to you.
  • Premium Parts. Dirt and mud are common things when riding off-road. Premium parts can take withstand harsher conditions and still perform well, especially derailleurs and shifters.
  • Stability. In order for the bike to be stable and allow the cyclist to have complete control of the bike in any environment all parts along with the frame must function as one. If one part fails it’s very easy to lose balance. Injuries are not excluded.
  • Value for Money. Value for money is a feature of any great product. A cyclocross bike is not an exception. Paying a small fortune for a bike that will last for only few months is simply not worth it.

Top 3 Best Cyclocross Bike Reviews

1. Habanero Titanium

Can you imagine a tank moving over trees, boulders etc.? Well the Habanero is pretty much that, a beast in its category. It’s the complete cyclocross bike. If you have the means and the funds to get one of these we recommend you to do that as soon as possible.

It has the endurance a mountain has, the design of a road bike and the performance of the best cyclocross bike you can get at the moment. What’s more to ask for? All key points of the frame that suffer the highest of impacts are made out of titanium and are reinforced. Breaking this frame seems impossible. However, the bike needs to be more than just unbreakable. It’s equipped with premium parts, it even has disc brakes to allow the rider to stop instantaneously.

Habanero can truly give you a huge advantage if you’re competing. Your results will improve significantly, but you’ll not put in a lot more effort.

2. Nashbar CX1 Cyclocross Bike

Nashbar is a reputable US manufacturer of bicycles and bicycle’s equipment. The CX1 is the pride of Nashbar as the prime cyclocross bike among their assortment. It comes with a sturdy aluminum frame and a light yet durable carbon fork.

When riding on road shifting gears may not be of that big of significance except during sprinting. However, when off-road it’s essential to switch between speeds. The Shimano derailleurs and Shimano shifters lets the rider put the bike in the appropriate speed reliably and very, very fast. The CX1 may not have disc brakes, but that makes it lighter. Although by a small margin considering the length of the ride it certainly can make a difference.

The frame comes in 5 different sizes. Make sure you choose the one that matches you. If you have a tough time deciding you better consult with someone who’s familiar with this stuff. Returning the bike can be very time consuming and you might incur some unnecessary fees.

3. Diamondback 2013 Steilacoom RCX

The RCX Diamondback is a worthy contender for the 2nd or maybe the 1st place. However, they’re already taken by two amazing bikes. By all means this bike is not bad, it’s just not as good as the previous two specimens.

It has an aluminum frame and an aluminum fork. It’s equipped with Shimano 105 derailleurs and 10 speed shifters. It’s a cross cyclists needs to go across the finish line ahead of everyone else. The proper cross geometry of the frame puts the rider in the ultimate riding position. It’s very easy to maneuver and overcome any slopes that might be ahead of you. For the price you pay you get an outstanding cyclocross bike.

You can use it for commuting as well. All you need to do is swap the tires since they can make your road rides a struggle. However, this is a cross bike and as such the tires that come with any standard order are designed for off-road riding.

That sums up the top 3 of our best cyclocross bike list. Feel free to go through it again to be sure that you pick the perfect bike for you.