6 Best Downhill Mountain Bikes 2021

Finding the best downhill mountain bike can be a dull and excruciating task if you don’t know what and where to look. The market is flooded with various models that not always meet the needs of cyclists. Bike manufacturers are just pumping out new models to cash in on passionate cyclists.

Below you can find a list that includes the best products in this category. We’ve carefully analyzed them and ranked them accordingly. Hopefully, we’re going to make your buying decision an easy one.

Top 6 Downhill Mountain Bikes Chart

PictureNameBrief DescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
Brief Description
Rating (1-5)
1. Diamondback Recoil 29er Mountain Bike - LARGE/20 Full Suspension frame/ Suspension Fork/ Alloy Rims$$$$4.8
2. 2016 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike Shimano Acera Suntour Full Suspension frame/ Suspension Fork/ Alloy Rims$$$4.6
3. Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Mission 1 Complete All Mountain Full Suspension Bike Full Suspension frame/ Suspension Fork/ Alloy Rims$$$$4.3
4. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike Dual Suspension Frame/ Suspension Fork/ Alloy Rims$$$4.1
5. Kent Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Full Suspension frame/ Suspension Fork/ Alloy Rims$$3.6
6. GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Dual Suspension Frame/ Suspension Fork/ Alloy Rims$$3.5

Consider This When You Buy a Downhill Mountain Bike

  • Durability. Going downhill means one thing, high speed and easy to increase momentum. If one of your components malfunctions or your frame cracks, you’re going to have a bad time. The bike should be durable to withstand high pressures and impacts.
  • Design. Downhill bikes have a distinctive frame geometry. Make sure you select a bike that will fit your style of cycling. There are tons of designs to choose from. The one that your eye catches first is always the right one.
  • Price. Don’t break the bank. It’s a bike and you will want to upgrade it sooner than you think. The price of the bike directly correlates with the quality.
  • Material. You’re probably aware that the build material of the frame is the most important factor that affects the durability and the price tag as well. Aluminum is the market’s standard so to speak. It’s affordable, It’s durable and it’s light. A carbon frame comes at a premium price.

Top 3 Best Downhill Mountain Bike Reviews

1. Diamondback Recoil 29er Mountain Bike

Downhill bikes have a distinctive frame geometry and handlebar height. The Diamondback recoil 29er should be a role model for other bike manufacturers. Over the past few years Diamondback has experienced significant growth due to their dedication and attention to quality and eye-catching design.

The Recoil’s frame is made of a high quality 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. The frame comes in three different sizes starting with a small 16inch one and ending up with a large 20 inch frame. Going downhill, on flat or rough terrain is a delight with the Diamondback Recoil. The full suspension frame and the front suspension fork, put the cyclist in total control of the bike. It comes with a front and a rear disc brake, adding additional control. The cyclist is able to stop dead in its tracks.

On top of these amazing features it looks amazing! It comprises of all necessary features and much more. That’s why it’s the best downhill mountain bike. You’ll have a great mountain bike for a couple of hundred dollars.

2. Gravity FSX 1.0 Mountain Bike

Very similar to the Diamondback Recoil, but not good enough to be considered as the top downhill mountain bike. The Gravity FSX 1.0 is a full suspension cross country mountain bike with an aluminum frame that’s able to withstand high impacts while allowing the cyclist to perform at its full potential.

It comes with front and rear disc brakes, which to be honest, are a must when you’re going downhill at high velocity. One of the flaws of the Graviy FSX 1.0 is that it requires some skill to assemble it. You’ll also notice that it stands out from the standard downhill frame geometry. Nevertheless, you can replace the handlebars if this is the only deal breaker. This bike can deliver as much as you demand. The suspension system will absorb all medium to high impacts, thus reducing any joint pain you might have had previously in your arms or shoulders.

3. Diamondback Bicycles Mission 1

If you’re prepared to invest a small fortune in a downhill mountain bike, then this is the real deal. It costs a couple of thousands, yes, thousands of dollars. This bike is able to perform rather well, even at a competitive level. You can see that the clearance between the front wheel and the frame is rather big. Let this be the proof you needed to know that this bike is made for extreme downhill rides.

Due to the frame geometry and how the suspension system is integrated it has one of the most effective and efficient shock absorption mechanisms. Every individual component of the bike is mounted with the performance in mind. Diamondback went one step further and even made the bike look stunningly good. We can talk about this bike for hours, but the price tag will stay the same. It’s a huge deal breaker. Even we’re not prepared to pay the price. Fortunately, the best downhill mountain bike comes at an affordable price. The Diamondback Recoil 29er is the best deal you can take.