10 Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits 2021

There are many reasons that bike owners might be looking at getting an electric conversion kit but often the complexity of the product and the wide variety of styles is overwhelming.

To assist potential buyers in choosing the best electric bike motor for their needs we have collected together the top ten available products on the market. In addition to this list, we have provided some useful advice on what to look for in a conversion kit and how to choose between them.

Things to Consider

  • The Benefits to Buying a Kit. While you might already be convinced that you would rather convert your existing bike rather than purchasing a new electric model it can be useful to remember the benefits to doing so. These include: keeping a bike that you are already used to riding, saving some money, and also you would be able to buy a bike style that you love and convert it to an electric model.
  • Monitoring Levels of Electricity. Several of the products on our list come with screens or other methods of monitoring the charge on the bike. The best electric bike conversion kit will provide this information readily so you can always be sure that you have enough power and you can know exactly when you need to charge the bike again.
  • The Right Fit. It is important to remember that not all kits will fit every type of bicycle. You should check carefully with each product and make sure the measurements line up before making the final purchase.

Top 10 Electric Bike Conversion Kits Comparison

PictureNameBest FearturesPriceRating (1-5)
Best Feartures
Rating (1-5)
1. Aosom Rear Wheel 48V 1000W Electric Battery Powered Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit, 26"Maximum speed of 28mph.$$4.3
2. Generic Add-on Motorize Bike 48v 1000w 26 Inch Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Conversion KitMotor does not have moving parts, which eliminates the possibility of a break. $$4.0
3. AW 26"x1.75" Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle LCD Display Motor Kit E-Bike Conversion 48V1000WPedal Assistance System provides a bicycle effect with an electric motor. $$4.0
4. 24V 250W Electric Motorized E-Bike Bicycle Conversion KitMaximum speed of 18mph. $4.0
5. AW 26"x1.75" Front Wheel 36V 800W Brushless Hub Motor Electric Bicycle Conversion KitMaximum speed of 18mph. $$4.0
6. DIY Motorize Bike 36v 800w 26in Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Conversion KitMaximum speed of 18mph. $$4.0
7. Currie Technologies Electro-Drive Conversion Kit 4 with Plug and Play Battery PackRack mounted battery system for an appealing look.$$$3.3
8. AW 26"x1.75" Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor KitMotor is automatically shut off by break to save energy.$$3.3
9. Currie Technologies Electro-Drive Conversion Kit 3Rack mounted battery system for a stylish look.$$$$3.0
10. SainSpeed DIY Electric Bike Bicycle Motor Conversion KitQuiet and reliable motor.$$2.3

Choosing a Conversion Kit

Once you have found a range of conversion kits that are the right size and provide all of the extra features that you want then you need to carefully consider the level of complexity. Often buyers will purchase one of the best electric bike conversion kit options only to find that it is too difficult to put on the bike themselves.

Here are some tips to determine the complexity of the installation:

  • Check for the Phrase “DIY”. On our list are some options that state the installation can be carried out by the owner.
  • How Much Comes Assembled? Look for information regarding how much of the product is pre-assembled. Will it only take a couple of screws or does it require something more?
  • Reviews. One of the best sources for information on the complexity of the installation comes from previous users of the product. You will quickly get an idea of how easy or difficult the conversion will be from trustworthy reviews.

Top 3 Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit Reviews

1. Aosom Rear Wheel 48V 1000W Electric

Converting a pedal bike to an electric one is an easy task when you have the Aosom Rear Wheel 48V 1000W Electric Battery Powered Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit. This kit includes all of the tools you need to make the change as well as clear instructions on how to carry out the processes.

This is the kind of conversion kit that you can use when you don’t want to really pedal at all. Obviously you control the speed and have the choice to go more slowly and pedal at the same time but this kit will let you get up to 28mph, which means forgetting about the physical part and just enjoying the ride.

Rather than just installing the kit and going, it is better to make adjustments for the specific rider in terms of security, speed or comfort. This kit will make the bike more top heavy so that is something to consider when propping it up.

2. Generic Add-on Motorize Bike 48v 1000w

One of the main concerns when you are converting a bike is that the gears and all of the friction will cause the system to break in some way. This is not a worry when you use the Generic Add-On Motorize Bike 48V 1000W Inch Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit as it doesn’t have any of the normal chains or gears.

Once you have used the kit to convert your bike, you will experience the great ride for yourself. There is a lot of power in the bike when you attach the battery. It will cruise for quite a few miles before the battery needs to be recharged or replaced depending on which kind you are using.

It should be noted that this is a conversion kit, which results in you having electric assistance. This is not a kit to use to turn your bike into essentially a basic motorcycle. With that being said, with the right battery pack, the bike can reach normal traffic speeds which is always impressive.

3. AW 26″x1.75″ Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle

If you like to tinker and like to add upgrades to your normal bicycle then the AW Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle LCD Display Motor Kit E-Bike Conversion package has all of the gadgets and materials you need to convert your bike for a better and more exciting ride.

This is the best electric bike conversion kit because it will get you where you need to be and will get you there quite quickly. You can use this bike to travel at normal traffic speeds for about 30 minutes before the battery starts to dissipate.

Installation could not be any easier and the LED screen is perfect for keeping track of the battery life, the mileage and speed. There is really nothing better than having this motor to help you along your way while also keeping the option to pedal when you want the exercise.