10 Best Electric Bikes 2021

If you are searching for a bike that will take you an easy ride, without much effort you’re in need of an electric bike. Electric bikes are the evolved modern bikes who still haven’t reached their full potential. However they’ve gotten to a point where they can be useful, a lot!

This guide will show you what the best electric bike has to offer and how to identify an awesome one that will serve you well and for a long time!

Top 10 Electric Bikes Complete Chart

PictureNameBatteryPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. ProdecoTech Phantom X3 36V 500W 8 Speed Electric Bicycle, Matte BlackSamsung SDI 36v 11.6Ah$$$$5.0
2. Pedego City Commuter Classic36-volt 10-amp$$$$4.9
3. 2014 iZip E3 Path+ Medium (Electric Bike)Lithium-ion 48V8.8Ah 422Wh$$$$$4.8
4. Cyclamatic Bicycle Electric Foldaway Bike with Lithium-Ion BatteryLithium-Ion Battery with 30 mile range$$4.7
5. Prodeco V3 Outlaw EX 8 Speed Electric Bicycle51.2V 9 Ah LiFePO4 32 Cell Battery$$$$$4.7
6. Watseka XP Cargo-Electric Bicycle-26"-6 speed36V 9Ah removable AGM battery pack$$4.5
7. Currie Technologies Women's eZip Eco-Ride-2 SLA Electric Bicycle12V/10Ah valve regulated, rechargeable battery$$4.5
8. Prodeco V3 Outlaw SS Speed Electric Bicycle51.2V 9 Ah LiFePO4 32 Cell Battery$$$$$4.3
9. Currie Technologies eZip Women's Low Step-Thru Trailz Electric Bicycle, BlueN/A$4.3
10. Prodeco V3 Stride 500 8 Speed Electric Bicycle38.4V 9Ah LiFePO4 24 Cell Battery$$$4.2

What Do the Best Electric Bicycles Have?

  • Battery. It’s what makes the electric bike special. A long lasting battery with huge energy load will allow you to experience the electric bicycle at its finest. Without worrying that you’ll battery will let you down, you’ll have rides like you’ve never had before. However, if the battery is of low quality all you have is an overpriced common bike with extra weight on it. The better the battery, the better the bike and if the bike is better so will be your ride. We can’t stress enough the importance of the battery; it’s the core feature why you buy an electric bicycle.
  • Electric Motor. Having a battery that will last long is just one piece of the puzzle. The electric motor should be powerful enough to move the bike on flat surfaces without any problems and to overcome some low-steep slopes. It will help you out on steeper slopes, it won’t let you down. If the motor or “the engine” is more powerful you’ll be able to accelerate faster and to reach a higher momentum. This will allow you to reach your destination faster and without you getting tired.
  • Comfort. Like any other type of bike the electric bike should offer you a comfortable ride. All general components such as, saddle, handlebars, the geometry of the frame should put you in a comfortable position. If the bike doesn’t satisfy these criteria it’s certainly not the best electric bike on the market. After all you’re going to spend quite a lot of time riding it, so you might as well look for a more comfortable solution.
  • Durability. You’re paying a lot of money and a costly investment that lasts for a short time is not worthwhile. The electric bike has more components than the common bike, adding the electric motor and the battery; more attention should be put in selection of the bike because of this. You don’t want your electric bike to turn into a regular bike in a short period.

So an electric bike has to have all features a great common bike has and a battery with astounding battery life and electric motor that is powerful enough to make a huge difference. Now that you know more about electric bikes, we give you the top 3 Electric bikes.

Top 3 Best Electric Bike Reviews

1. ProdecoTech Phantom X3

The Prodeco Phantom X3 is by far the best electric bike available on the market. It’s equipped with a powerful motor supported by a battery that will take you on long rides.

It has a nice sleek design that will make you stand out on the road, not by having an electric bike, but by having this marvelous looking bike. It has discs as a braking system that will truly put you in control of the bike. It’s a pretty heavy bike so you need all you can get to control this monster of bike.

Being heavier won’t make a difference to you as it has a powerful electric motor that can be the difference.

The battery is made to last and the synergy between it and the motor is tremendous and it’s the key reason why we rank this electric bike as No.1!

2. Pedego City Commuter Classic

Unlike its counterpart the Phantom X3, the Pedego Classic City Commuter Electric Bike offers more utility and will provide you with more comfort. Now this all comes at a price. It costs way more than the Phantom X3, but it pays off.

The battery is a huge tank of energy and electric motor is a powerhouse. It’s designed for commuting with ease and it can be useful for moving around the city for any purpose that comes to your mind. It has a rear rack that offers cargo space for your purse, groceries or your laptop bag.

3. 2014 iZip E3 Path+ Medium

Brought to you by iZip the E3 Electric bike has all that an excellent electric bike can offer. Comfort, battery, motor, utility; it has it all, certainly a worthy competitor for the best electric bike.

It comes with the standard commuting equipment like fenders, chain guard and a very comfortable saddle.

The electric bike equipment will take you in rides up to 35 miles and you can reach a speed of up to 20 mph just by using the motor as a power source.

We ranked it 3rd on our list and it’s a well deserved place.