6 Best Enduro Bikes 2021

Pinpointing the best endure bike can be time consuming. In recent years the market got flooded with various models  making the final buying decision that much more difficult to make. The features, the descriptions tend to be rather long which make comparisons seemingly impossible.

After a thorough research, we’ve made a list which includes the top 6 enduro bikes that are currently available. Most of them share the same characteristics. However, it takes an experienced eye to distinguish the good from the best. We want nothing but the best for you. Hopefully, we’re going to make your buying decision an easy one. Without further a due, let’s see what the best enduro bike can do for you.

Top 6 Enduro Bikes Chart

PictureNameBrief DescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
Brief Description
Rating (1-5)
1. Mantis Orchid Full Suspension Mountain Bike, 26 inch Wheels, 17 inch Frame, Women's Bike, Pearl/Purple Full Suspension/ Steel Frame/ Steel Fork/ Alloy Rims/ $$4.6
2. 29" Mongoose Ledge 3.1 Men's Mountain Bike, Black/Blue Full Suspension/ Aluminum Frame/ Suspension Fork/ Alloy Rims/ Disc Brakes$$$4.2
3. Titan #135 Glacier PRO Alloy Dual Suspension All Terrain 21-Speed 19-Inch Frame Mountain Bike, Yellow/Black, Large Dual Suspension/ Alloy and Steel Mix/ Alloy Components/ Front Disc Brake$$$$4.0
4. Mongoose Men's Detour Mountain Bike, 18-Inch/Medium Rear and Front Suspension/ Aluminum Frame/ Alloy Rims/ Disc Brakes$$$$3.8
5. Titan Punisher 21-Speed Dual Suspension All Terrain Mountain Bike, 18-Inch Frame Height Full Suspension/ Kickstand/ V-brakes/ 1 year limited warranty$$$3.8
6. Mongoose Stasis Comp 26-Inch Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle, Matte Red, 18-Inch Frame Full Suspension/ Aluminum Frame/ Suspension Fork/ Alloy Rims$$$3.7

The Best Choice – What Does It Have?

  • Flexibility. Enduro bikes are also known as all mountain bike, or in other words all terrain mountain bikes. In order to perform well uphill, downhill , you name it, the bike has to be flexible. By flexible we think of providing the cyclist with the best possible conditions for best performance.
  • Durability. An enduro bike has to be durable, able to withstand high impacts and high pressure. The cyclist must not have doubts in the quality of the bike. This can be accomplished only by getting a well-built frame and high quality components.
  • Reliability. Reliability is not the same as durability. For instance, the brakes may be durable, but If they tend to malfunction, they’re unreliable.
  • Price. The best bike doesn’t cost a fortune. As when you’re buying any other product, you should look for a high value for money. Otherwise the investment may not be worthwhile.

Top 3 Best Enduro Bikes Reviews

1. Mantis Orchid

Although this bike is designed to attract the attention of women, it’s the best enduro bike in general. Enduro bikes or all terrain bikes, or all mountain bikes have a purpose to perform well in all situations. The distinctive handlebar and frame geometry makes it good for downhill rides, the full suspension allows the cyclist to stay in control and fly over holes and bumps. We can talk for hours how amazing this bike is.

The Mantis Orchid comes with a highly durable steel frame, alloy rims and a steel front suspension fork. It has front and rear V-brakes that are easy to fix. Disc brakes are recommended for people who have access to special bike tools, otherwise they may end up being an expensive accessory, not a necessity.

Last, but not least, it even has a kickstand. You don’t want to put your bike on the ground? The Mantis Orchid can take care of itself. If we add up all of its features and if we consider the price the Mantis Orchid is by far the best all mountain bike you can get and not feel bad about it.

2. Mongoose Ledge 3.1

If you’re a fan of 29ers than the Mongoose Ledge 3.1 will meet your needs and deliver best performance on any terrain you want to test your skills on. On top of performance, the Mongoose Ledge looks absolutely amazing. To be honest, it even looks better than the Mantis Orchid.

Mongoose Ledge has an aluminum suspension frame and an aluminum front suspension fork. This makes it lighter allowing you to overcome steep slopes with ease. When going downhill at a high velocity there’re a front disc brake and a rear V-brake to give you all the stopping power you need to stay in control during exciting rides. Since this is a 29er going downhill with it will be the best cycling experience you ever had.

All of this is packed in an affordable price. The manufacturer did everything in its power to keep the price low while putting extra features like a disc brake and using a light, but durable material.

3. Titan Glacier Pro

The Titan Glacier Pro is an all terrain mountain bike made out of steel and alloy, which makes it light while being durable. The dual suspension frame absorbs all shocks that come from holes or bumps you might stumble upon. It comes with both front and rear disc brakes giving you all the power you need to stop in a blink of an eye.