10 Best Exercise Bikes 2021

If you want to do cardiovascular workouts but don’t have the time to go out or hit the gym, a good quality exercise bike can be just what you need. These bikes help you to exercise regularly within the comfort of your own home. The best exercise bikes provide an excellent cardiovascular workout and contribute towards weight loss and overall fitness.

The most important benefit of an exercise bike is that unlike other forms of exercise like running, jogging etc., it does not have any painful effect on your knees and joints. Thus, it guarantees thorough workout while being easy on your knees.

However, finding the right exercise bike can be a little overwhelming as there are thousands of different models to choose from, each model having its own fair share of advantages. Moreover, you can get easily confused as to which kind of exercise bike will be the most suitable one for you. Let us first look at the top 10 exercise bikes and then understand how these exercise bikes can be classified.

Top 10 Exercise Bikes Overview Chart

PictureNameWeightTypePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Exerpeutic GOLD 525XLR Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike, 400 lbs54.7 lbsRecumbent$$4.5
2. Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike61 lbsIndoor Cycling$$4.5
3. Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike, 400 lbs51.6 lbsUpright$$4.4
4. Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike97.2 lbsIndoor Cycling$$$4.3
5. Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike with Pulse70 lbsRecumbent$$4.2
6. Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike64 lbsRecumbent$$4.2
7. Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike95 lbsRecumbent$$$$4.2
8. Marcy Upright Mag Bike41 lbsUpright$4.1
9. Velocity Exercise Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike49.1 lbsUpright$4.1
10. Body Rider BRF700 Fan Upright Exercise Bike51 lbsUpright$3.8

Exercise Bike Categories

  • Upright Bikes. These bikes are designed just like the traditional bikes, the only difference being that they are stationary. On an upright bike, you can find all the features like pedals, handlebars etc. exactly at the same place as in case of regular bikes.
  • Recumbent Bikes. These bikes are quite differently designed from the regular bikes. The major difference is that their pedals are placed at the front of the bike and not at the bottom as in traditional bikes. The rider has to lay down in a reclining position to reach the pedals while operating a recumbent bike. These bikes are ideal for people having back problems as they are less stressful on the lower back.
  • Indoor Cycles. Indoor cycles are quite similar to upright bikes but their mechanical components are even more similar to the actual bicycles. They are usually very basic models without too many features, though there may be exceptions. Their seats are more like real bike seats and so they are not as comfortable to ride as upright or recumbent bikes. But they are still very popular as they provide authentic workout.

Points to be Noted

  • Is the Bike Adjustable? Always make sure that your exercise bike can be adjusted comfortably to suit various heights. This is even more important if the bike is to be used by more than one person to ensure easy and comfortable workout for each rider.
  • How Much Weight Can it Support? Most exercise bikes can support weight up to 300-400 pounds. See to it that the exercise bike you choose is capable of supporting your pre-workout weight. Look for one that is sturdy and easy to ride.
  • Is it Capable of Adjusting the Intensity of Workout? If you are buying the bike for serious workout sessions, naturally you’ll want one that can increase the intensity of workout as your fitness levels increase. So choose an exercise bike that can easily adjust the intensity of your workout.
  • Is it Comfortable Enough? The exercise bike that you choose should be comfortable enough so as to allow you to sit on it for the entire workout session. Its seat must be comfortable and large enough to fit riders of different sizes.

5 Best Exercise Bike Reviews

1. Exerpeutic GOLD 525XLR

This is a very compact exercise bike that you can fold into half its size! So once you’ve finished exercising, you can easily fold and store this bike. Its semi-recumbent design makes getting on and off the bike quite easy and ensures effective and comfortable exercising.

The Exerpeutic 400XL can support weight up to 400 lbs and comes with a precision balanced flywheel and V-belt drive that provide a smooth and quiet operation. Its 8-level adjustable magnetic tension control system allows you to control the level of intensity of the workout. Further, it has an easy to read LCD display that tracks your heart rate, speed, distance, calories burned and time.

Overall, an excellent exercise bike with great features and its folding ability makes it ideal for people wanting a compact exercise bike.

2. Sunny Health and Fitness

This awesome indoor cycling bike features an upright and compact design. It is quite similar to riding a traditional bike and has a very smooth pedalling action.

It has a sturdy, heavy duty crank and steel frame and a padded seat for easy and comfortable exercising. It can support weight up to 240 lbs and features a chain drive mechanism for smooth and quiet workouts.

Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike also features a seat with adjustable height to suit riders of different heights and a 22lb flywheel. The LCD display can track your time, speed, distance and calories burned thus increasing the effectiveness of your workout.

If you are looking for an indoor cycling bike, this is a great option but it isn’t too large and hence suits riders with height upto 5’8″-5’9″.

3. Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS

As its name suggests, this is a magnetic upright bike with 8-level magnetic tension control system that allows its user to adjust the tension level of workout according to his/her preference. It has a unique space-saver design and can be folded and kept away once you are done exercising.

It is very easy to get on or off this bike leading to a more effective and comfortable workout. It can support weight up to 400 lbs and has a sturdy built. It comes with a hand pulse monitor that keeps track of your heart rate.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Bike is equipped with extended leg stabilizers to prevent tipping while exercising and a three piece “high torque” cranking system for smooth pedalling.

Further, it comes with a large cushioned seat to fit people of all sizes. Due to its adjustable height, it can accommodate riders with heights between 5’3″ to 6’1″.
Again, a great upright bike that makes exercising fun and easy.

4. Sunny Health & Fitness Pro

This indoor cycling bike comes equipped with a 40 pound flywheel, a sturdy crank and a very smooth chain drive mechanism that promises a very efficient yet quiet workout.

It is capable of accommodating riders of various heights as it has fully adjustable seat and handlebars for comfortable exercising. Its sturdy and heavy duty steel frame can support weight up to 275 pounds.

It also features an adjustable resistance system and transport wheels for easy mobility.
Overall, a good quality and sturdy indoor cycling bike and at great price too!

5. Exerpeutic 900XL Extended

The recumbent design of this bike ensures a comfortable workout for you without stressing your knees and joints. Its extended leg stabilizers provide a solid platform even during strenuous workouts.

It can support weights uto 300 lbs and its smooth torque cranking system ensures smooth and consistent pedalling. Its precision balanced flywheel and V-belt guarantee a noise-free workout.
It comes with smooth 8-level magnetic tension system and a large LCD display that tracks heart rate, distance, calories burned, time, speed etc.

This recumbent bike also features a wide padded seat for improved comfort of riders of all sizes and easy and quick seat adjustments for riders with heights from 5’3″ to 6’3″. Further, its transportation wheels give it easy mobility.

An excellent recumbent bike that allows you to continue your cardiovascular workouts without being too harsh on your knees and joints.

So now get ready to shed those extra pounds and invest in one of the best exercise bikes available. Choose the kind of exercise bike that will best suit your needs and start your daily workouts right within the comfort of your home!