10 Best Hybrid Bikes 2021

Best Hybrid Bikes If you’re looking for a bike that you can use to commute to and from work daily as well as take out for those weekend excursions, what you need is a good quality hybrid bike. Also, if you want a road bike that can double up as a trail bike; or a regular commuter bike that can take you easily up that hill you have to climb each day to get to work, again you can choose your pick from the best hybrid bikes available this year .

Things to Consider for Hybrid Bikes

With the onset of summers, all kinds of bike enthusiasts can be seen filling the streets and trails. There is nothing quite like the rush you feel when riding a bike. This feeling transports you to the days when you were learning how to ride a bike and all those bruises you got that made you the expert rider that you are today.

But riding is fun only if you choose the right bike as there are different kinds of bikes for different uses. Before selecting the perfect hybrid bike you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of riding are you planning to do? Whether it is for daily commuting or for leisurely Sunday outings or both?
  • Is quality more important for you or pricing?
  • Do you prefer high tech bikes or simpler, more practical ones?

Top 10 of the Best Hybrid Bikes Overview Chart

PictureNameMen/WomenWeightPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Brilliant Bicycle Co L TrainBoth 27 lbs $$$$4.6
2. Schwinn Discover Men's Hybrid BikeBoth 46 lbs - Women 46 lbs - Men$$$4.3
3. Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie BikeBoth 25-30 lbs$3.9
4. Vilano Performance 700C-21 Speed Shimano HybridMen25 lbs$$$3.9
5. Schwinn Men's Community 700c Hybrid BicycleBoth 48.8 lbs - Women 48.6 lbs - Men $$$$3.9
6. Northwoods Mens Springdale 21 Speed Hybrid BicycleBoth 44.6 lbs - Women 44.8 lbs - Men$3.8
7. Vilano Performance Hybrid BikeMen 35 lbs$3.7
8. Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike Men 38.2 lbs$$3.5
9. Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru 1-Speed HybridWomen35 lbs$$3.5
10. Jeep Compass Men's Hybrid Bike Men 37 lbs$$$3.3

Distinguishing Features That Will Help You

  • Frames. Frames can be referred to as the backbone of the bike. For frames of the bikes, different models use different materials. Some use aluminum frames which though affordable, are heavier than the carbon-fiber ones (which are more expensive).
  • Gear. Gear have made riding bikes easier than ever before. Make sure the hybrid bike that you choose has the best gearing components and easy to change gear.
  • Wheels. Usually hybrid bikes have 700c tires in varying widths. Choose the width of the tires depending upon where you want to ride your bike.
  • Suspension Forks. Suspension forks help converting your bumpy ride into a smooth one and they vary greatly from bike to bike. Select your bike keeping this is mind.
  • Seats/Saddles. Always select a bike offering cushioned seats to ensure a comfortable ride. If your seat is not comfortable, you will definitely have a miserable riding experience.
  • Brakes. Most hybrid bikes have linear pull brakes for that ultimate stopping power. Make sure your hybrid bike features such brakes too.
  • Fit and Sizing. Always make sure that you have 1 to 2 inches of clearance between the top of your inner leg and the frame’s top tube when standing astride the bike. Remember that you can enjoy a comfortable ride only if the bike is not too large/small for your height. The fit and sizing of the bike is a very important feature to consider while selecting a bike.

Reviews of Top Five Hybrid Bikes

1. Brilliant Bicycle Co. L Train

Our top hybrid is ideal for anyone who needs a quality-built, reliable commuter. The seven gears allow you to adjust the bike so you can smoothly glide over hills and flat surfaces with the right amount of resistance for your cycling level, and it’s hard to beat the durable, lightweight frame. Need to walk up or down a flight of stairs? No problem. This hybrid is as light as a feather!

Since it isn’t always easy to understand which size to use, we found Brilliant Bicycle Co’s sizing information to be very helpful. Choose from small (those who are between 5’2″ and 5’5″), medium (if you’re between 5’6″ to 5’9″), or large (up to 6’2″). Leg length matters, too, so be sure to consider your inseam measurement so you find one that allows you to pedal comfortably and touch the ground when you are stopped.

What more can we say? It is a bit of an investment, but for the serious cyclist looking for a reliable set of wheels to move around town, it’s worth the asking price.

2. Schwinn Discover 700C

This is one of the most top rated hybrid bikes for men/women. It comes with an aluminum city frame with an upright position and a padded saddle to make your ride extremely comfortable. It also has a great suspension fork to absorb shocks and is an ideal bike to take to work or for leisurely rides in the neighborhood.

It also features a 21-speed SRAM grip shifters for fast and easy gear changing and promax alloy linear pull brakes. Its wheel size is 700c, as is common in most hybrid bikes. Further, it has a swept back handlebar with adjustable stem for that upright position.

Overall a great bike but consider it if you are approx. 5’3” or above as it has some height.

You can find the Male version of Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike here, and the Female version here.

3. Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike, Gray/Blue

This is a flat bar hybrid bike that can be used by both men and women with equal ease. Its hand crafted steel frames come in two variations- 54 and 58 cm. You can choose the one that suits your height.

Its 32 hole alloy wheels roll on Kenda 700 x 32 tires and are capable of making your ride perfectly smooth even on imperfect roads. It also features front and rear alloy side pull brakes for perfect stopping.

Its flip flop hub works in fixed gear or single-speed freewheel modes which makes the entire gearing process quite simple.

Takara Sugiyama is basically a very simple to ride bike and is a great option for starters.

4. Vilano Performance 700C

Vilano Performance hybrid road bike has a compact frame which makes it a very lightweight bike and easy to ride on. It is fitted with high quality Shimano components and has 700c wheels like most hybrids.

It comes with a 6061 Aluminum frame with aero tubing for a comfortable ride and an integrated straight blade fork that ensures a smooth ride even on bumpy roads. Its Shimano components make sure that gear changes are fast and easy and ergo comfort saddle is very comfortable.

A good quality hybrid bike at a decent price too.

5. Schwinn Community 700c

This hybrid bike comes with Schwinn aluminum hybrid frame with Schwinn suspension fork to make your ride smooth and comfortable.

Its Shimano 21 speed rear derailleur with SRAM 21 speed grip shifters make gear shifting very quick and easy. Its alloy rims are lightweight and strong giving the bike a sturdy character. Its padded seat with suspension seat post gives you a pleasantly smooth ride.

Further, it comes equipped with full fenders and a rear rack too for easy carrying. The linear pull brakes guarantee reasonably good stopping power.

Schwinn Women’s Community bike comes in a beautiful light blue color and though it is a large bicycle (a little heavy too), it can be adjusted for a wide range of riders. A good option if you’re looking for a classy and comfortable hybrid bike.

Schwinn Men’s Community bike comes in white color and is a pretty good bike although a little heavier than most bikes in its category.

You can find the Male version of Schwinn Community Hybrid Bike here, and the Female version here.

With such wonderful options available for both men and women, you can now easily have your pick from amongst the best hybrid bikes available! So go to work each day in style on your classy bike and be ready to enjoy your fun filled rides on weekends.

Happy Riding!