Best Mountain Bike Pedals 2021

If you are looking for new mountain bike pedals, we got news for you. You are at the right place. We will show you what the best mountain bike pedals are on the market currently.

We will look them up-close and in-depth to find out what are the best pedals and why that’s the case. In addition to this we will show you what are the characteristics of great pedals and what should you expect from one pair.

Top Mountain Bike Pedals Overview Chart

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Shimano XTR PD-985 Speed Clipless PedalMountain / Aluminum Alloy$$$$4.9
2. Shimano Pd-Mx80 Platform PedalsMulti-Use / Aluminum Alloy$$4.8
3. Shimano PD-M520L MTB Sport Pedals with CleatsMulti-Use / Aluminum Alloy$4.7
4. Shimano PD-M540 SPD MTB PedalsMountain / Steel and Alloy $$4.7
5. Shimano XT PD-M785 Mountain PedalsMountain / Aluminum Alloy $$$4.7
6. Shimano PD-M530 Mountain PedalsMountain / Chromoly and Alloy$4.6

Great Pedals vs. Bad Pedals

The pedals are the place where you make the most of the contact with your bike. It’s the place where you transfer your force to the bike. If this transfer is not conducted properly you waste your power, your energy.

That’s why you need the best pedals you can get your hands on. Great pedals will also be very comfortable. They will put your feet in a natural position under a right angle. A lot of physics is involved, but long story short, the more comfortable you are, the more natural the position you are in, the better you’ll perform.

Having a better and safer grip on the pedals will let you to keep your mind on other things, not worrying if your shoe will slip off. Speaking of slipping off, that might cause injury and even may be the reason to lose your balance and fall off of your bike. 

The great pedal will be durable and long lasting. It will be able to endure impacts and in the long run last for many, many, many miles.

That being said, the material is of great importance. Mountain biking involves going on rough terrain and in rough environment. Rocks, trees and many other obstacles might come in your way. If you managed to bypass them with your wheels, sometimes that might not be the case with your pedals.

  • Carbon Fiber. Generally the most brittle pedals. If hit at the wrong place they might crack and you’ll have to get a new pair.
  • Steel. Most durable and can take pretty strong impacts. They might be heavier but they will probably outlast your bike.
  • Aluminum Alloy. Has the weight of the carbon fiber and is flexible enough to endure impacts. The perfect combination.

Having rounded up all features that you should be aware of we can move to our top 3 best mountain bike pedals.

Top 3 Best Mountain Bike Pedals Reviews

1. Shimano XTR PD-985

These pedals will allow you to get in and get out of them in the blink of an eye. They have a bigger platform allowing you to pinpoint the clip a lot easier and faster.

Made of Aluminum they weigh only 1.1 pound. Considering these are intended for mountain bikes, that’s not much.

This pair will be the perfect upgrade for your bike. Providing better grip than most of the other pedals, you’ll a lot better than your friends and other mountain bikers.

They are very durable and can endure impacts. These pedals are made for extreme cycling! Once you lock into place you don’t have to worry about them. You can have your mind free for the road and for your next challenge!

2. Shimano Pd-Mx80

The Shimano PD-MX80 are multi-use pedals. They can be used for road and mountain bikes. Having a wider platform they offer better transfer of force to your bike.

Having no clips your feet are free and you can react faster if you need to get off of your bike. The pins are more than enough to keep your feet “glued” to the pedals.

They come in black and weigh 1.40 pounds. They blend perfectly in any design and coloring. Not only they perform excellent, they look amazing, real premium mountain bike pedals!

3. Shimano PD-M520L

These pedals are easy to install and once installed they require no further maintenance. They are reliable and will show you greater efficiency in you pedaling. They will make it(the pedaling) a lot easier since you’ll have better grip with your shoe.

You can adjust and customize the clip ins and clip outs, making them perfect for your needs and requirements.

They perform great even on muddy terrain. The mud is not an obstacle for the Shimano PD-M52OL. Certainly a great candidate for the top 3 best mountain bike pedals.