Best Mountain Bike Saddle 2021

If you’re a mountain biker who, just like any other cyclist, wants to have a comfortable saddle, you’re at the right place. You may not be spending much time on your seat if you are the more aggressive type of mountain cyclist, but having a seat that will allow your muscles to relax and take some of the stress off, will make your rides more joyful.

In this guide we’ll show you the best mountain bike saddles and we’ll provide you with closer reviews of the top 3 seats. We’re here to make your choice easy.

Top 6 Mountain Bike Saddles Overview Chart

PictureNameDesign TypePriceRating (1-5)
Design Type
Rating (1-5)
1. WTB Pure V Race Bicycle Saddle, BlackRace Performance$$$$4.7
2. Outdoor Men's Anatomic Relief Bicycle Mountain Bike Saddle VD-104 BlackAnatomic Performance$4.7
3. Serfas RX Women's Bicycle SaddleHybrid comfort$$$4.6
4. Avenir Men's 100 Series Mountain Saddle (Black/Silver)Comfort $$4.5
5. Bicycle Cycling Bike Vader Road Offroad MTB Bicycle Cycling Saddle SeatPerformance $4.4
6. Schwinn High-Density Foam Mountain SaddleHybrid Comfort$$4.3

Design Type

Different people have different needs. That’s why there are hundreds of models all targeting particular areas and types of cyclists.

  • Comfort/Anatomical. If you take a closer look not all saddles look very comfortable. The better ones are softer at the areas where most of the weight will pressure the seat. The comfort or anatomical seats are designed to support your body and to evenly distribute the weight across the saddle. The Comfort saddles are designed to provide the cyclist exceptional comfort and allow him/her to cycle for longer time without feeling any pain while cycling and after.
  • Race/Performance. These types of seats have two goals, weigh little and be there when the cyclist needs it. They are accurately designed to focus on the hotspots. Supporting the areas where most of the weight will be distributed. The Performance or race seats have a design that stands out from the rest of the seats. Usually they are colorful eye-catching appearance.

No matter what type of seat you choose to buy, it’s important that it’s durable and will last long so you get value for your money.

Here are some close up descriptions of the top 3 best mountain bike saddles. Take a look at them below.

Top 3 Mountain Bike Saddle Reviews

1. WTB Pure V Race Bicycle Saddle

Designed to take every cyclist to the top of the hill or through the muddiest road and to the finish, the WTB Pure V Race is a performance model which will provide you with great comfort.

It’s very well-made and will last so long that you’ll forget when you bought it. The padding is enough to absorb shocks on a hardtail mountain bike without any problems.

It’s a bit wider in the end which will offer you some place to maneuver while you’re cycling. Longer rides are piece of cake for this saddle. Even heavier cyclists find it very comfortable.

When you sum up all features of this really nice saddle, there’s nothing that can match it in its category. We rank it as the No.1 best mountain bike saddle.

2. Outdoor Anatomic Relief Saddle VD-104

Although made for people who want to take mountain biking to the extreme, besides being light this saddle offers comfort like no other of this type.

The VD-104 will provide buttock protection to relieve you from unnecessary pain. The thin front part of the saddle will allow you to paddle freely without any friction caused by the saddle. This seat is made to amaze you. How? The price! It may fool you that this is some trash saddle. If you expect to use it for some time and ditch it, you’ll be sorry, as this is one tough nut to crack.

The saddle will be at a great condition for pretty long time!

3. Serfas RX Women’s Bicycle Saddle

Even though tagged as a Women’s model, this seat does not discriminate. It will serve men same as it serves women, completely!

It can be used as road bike saddle too, however, you will perform a lot better if you use it for mountain biking. It offers great comfort and has ergonomic design. The Serfas RX-992L has a cut out in the middle to remove any numbness that might occur because of cycling for longer periods.

Made from Lycra, it is waterproof meaning rain and mud are not its enemies. You’ll be able to through mud and even if it’s raining.

For the price this is one awesome saddle that will look awesome on any bike, mountain or road bike.