Best Mountain Bike Tires 2021

If you are looking for a nice set of tires, you are soon going to find the best one. Bike tires should be replaced before you really need to make the replacement. Otherwise you might get into trouble.

We’re going to show you what the best mountain bike tires on the market are. We’re going to take a look at what the best tires offer and how to distinguish high quality tires from those with poor quality.

Top 6 Mountain Bike Tires Overview Chart

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. WTB Velociraptor 26" Mountain Tire - Front or Rear - REARMTB$$$4.8
2. Schwalbe Big Apple RaceGuard RLX Wire Bead Tire, Black, 26x2-InchCity/MTB$$$4.8
3. Kenda K837 Dart Tire 26" x 2.10" Wire Black WallMTB$4.7
4. Kenda 163026 Big City Slick Wire Bead Bicycle Tire, Blackwall, 26 x 1.95"MTB/Hybrid$$4.7
5. Michelin Country Rock Tire (Black, 26x1.75)MTB$$$4.7
6. Maxxis Ignitor Mountain Bike Tire (Folding 70a, 29x2.1)MTB$$$$4.5

Difference Between Great and Bad Tires

  • Durability. Couldn’t be more obvious why you want a durable tire. Other than the fact any item you buy should last long, tires should be durable in terms of ability to withstand great unexpected impacts. A flat tire can prevent you from getting home in time and can be a huge problem if the tire fails to deliver in crucial moment, letting you fall off your bike.
  • Grip. As time goes so will the tire wear off, making the grip smaller and not so effective as it used to. Great mountain bike tires will provide you with good grip and will utilize the power you put into your pedaling, making your ride more efficient.
  • Control. Bad Tires will give you little to no control when you go into sharp curves. The bike starts to shake if you start going pretty fast. On the other hand, good tires will make you the one in control. No matter the speed and no matter what turn has to be made you’ll be able to do it. In addition to this good tires will provide this control for a longer period. The grip will be there because the quality is much better and you’ll be having a joyful ride instead of bandages in case you fall of your bike because of a flat tire.

Now that you are introduced to the qualities and features tires can offer, we give you the top 3 best mountain bike tires.

Top 3 Best Mountain Bike Tires Reviews

1. WTB Velociraptor 26″

This are by far the best tires you can find for mountain biking purposes. Their design provides astounding grip and will put every cyclist in control of his bike on any terrain.

You will have to buy the front and the rear separately because of their design. The front is made to carve through mud and water and to provide greater control while turning. On the other hand, the rear tire is made to give you the most efficient and effective transfer of force on the road.

Another point to note is their price. They beat every other tires by a lot. Don’t get fooled because of the low price. These tires will last like forever.

You can get these tires in both wired and folding bead so you can pick the one that matches your requirements and your needs. Make sure you pick the right the correct one before purchasing, because their appearance is practically identical.

2. Schwalbe Big Apple RaceGuard RLX

The Schwalbe Big Apple RaceGuard are a great example of how hybrid tires look like. Hybrid meaning they perform good in the mountains and perform pretty well once you get on the road.

They are not made for extreme mountain biking, rather for the casual cyclist who likes to go on a ride and look around, enjoy the sight probably. Their design makes them an all-terrain tires. They will not create a lot of noise even in greater speeds on the road.

The RaceGuard can be an awesome addition to any mountain bike, they will deliver what you ask from them.

3. Kenda K837 Dart Tire

A well-deserved 3rd place, the Kenda Dart K837 is a mountain bike tire made to last. Both front and rear have the same design so you can’t make a mistake while buying these.

It has a wire bead which makes them a bit heavier than their folding counterparts. However, in the mountains it’s highly unlikely that you will notice the difference in weight. What you need, that’s probably grip, control and durability, these tires can give that to any mountain biker.

Overall a nice example amongst the best mountain bike tires.