Best Mountain Bikes Under $2000 of 2021

Having a bigger budget means that you have better options, much better options. But having so many options to choose from can be difficult. Making the wrong choice can be more costly if you are going for the high end mountain bikes.

We will provide you with the details you need to make the correct choice in picking the best among the best mountain bikes under $2000.

Top 6 Mountain Bikes Under 2000 Bucks Overview Chart

PictureNameFrameSize AvailableRating (1-5)
Size Available
Rating (1-5)
1. BEIOU® Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike 27.5-Inch 10.7kg T800 Ultralight Frame 30 SpeedCarbon15"/17"/19"/21"4.9
2. BAMF Kimura 29er Mountain Bike Black 16 inchAluminum16"/22"4.8
3. Diamondback Bicycles Atroz Full Suspension Mountain Bike, Gloss Cyan, 18"/MediumAluminum16"/18"/20"4.8
4. Head Hide Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels, 19-Inch Frame, Black)Aluminum19"4.5
5. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Carbon Hard Tail Complete Mountain BikeCarbon15"4.5
6. Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Recoil Comp Full Suspension Complete Mountain BikeAluminum16"/18"/20"4.5

The Difference Between Good and Great Mountain Bikes

With a budget of $2000 the choice is a lot harder to make. All bikes at this point are exceptional. What separates the great from the good is not only their performance, but the reliability and security the high end mountain bikes have to offer.

The carefully welded frame will have a lot higher quality and will be more durable than the one welded with the help of a machine. Of course, as we add the hand made parts the price increases.

Even though at this point all bikes are remarkable there’s still a difference between them. Individual preferences will be the key to making the buying decision. If you are the aggressive type of rider go for the hydraulic disc brakes. They are close to perfection and are the most reliable braking system out there. The maintenance might turn out more costly than having common brakes, but you will be assured you can stop whenever you feel the need to.

There are mountain bikes with carbon frames which are under the $2000 range. A carbon frame is lighter than the aluminum and steel frames. It is longer lasting and provides softer rides than an aluminum frame.

The rest of the gear should be premium. Otherwise your glorious frame won’t be worth it, because the common gear will outweigh the benefits the carbon frame has to offer.

Here are reviews of the best mountain bikes under $2000 to make your decision easier.

Top 3 Best Mountain Bikes Under 2000 Bucks Reviews

1. BEIOU® Carbon Fiber 650B

The best mountain bike comes from BEIUO. This is a full carbon ultralight mountain bike. It is used even on a competitive level. It is a high end professional mountain bike which will provide you the means to conquer any hill and reach every bottom of a hill in the shortest period.

Weighing only 23 pounds this is by far the lightest bike you’ll find on the market within this range. Having state of the art parts on it makes this deal a true delight to have.

If you are a novice cyclists this bike will make you love cycling even more and if you are a veteran cyclist this is the bike you’ve been looking for. It’s the perfect upgrade you can get.

It has hydraulic braking system on the front and rear wheel. To make your ride more comfortable it has a pneumatic front fork. You will feel as if you are riding in the clouds.

This is the ideal mix of elegance and performance. With the BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B you will not bite any dust, those behind you will!

2. BAMF Kimura 29er

This is the real thing. The BAMF Kimura 29er is the deal to take. This bike will give you the opportunity to take your ride to the extreme. It will never disappoint you. It will go all the way with you. You are not taking any chances with buying the BAMF Kimura.

The frame is made of a double butted aluminum alloy, granting the bike great durability. It has no rear suspension, but this is why the BAMF gives you greater control over your bike and enables you to have faster response to whatever comes in your way.

All BAMF bikes come in black with a sleek design. This eye catching frame comes in 2 sizes 16 and 22 inches to match anyone’s needs.

This bike is so awesome that it might require professional assembly. That is the only drawback this bike has. However if you know a thing or two about bikes, you’ll have no problems assembling it yourself.

3. Diamondback Atroz

Offering you the highest value for money is the Diamondback Atroz Mountain Bike. Atroz has an aluminum alloy frame with full suspension. It will reduce the impacts from bumps and holes close to nothing. The frame is built from a special aluminum alloy offering greater reliability and durability. As addition to the frame suspension it has a front fork with suspension, granting you more control over the Atroz.

This bike comes with powerful disc brakes, both front and rear. Having a fast response will enable you to avoid any obstacles that might appear on the road.

Overall this is a shining jewel among the best mountain bikes under $2000 range. Every cyclist would want to have a ride with this masterpiece.