Best Road Bike Helmet 2021

If you are searching for a helmet for your road rides soon you’ll find out what is the best road bike helmet available to you. In order to help you make the decision what is the right helmet for you we will show you what features are crucial in order a helmet to perform well.

Follow this guide and you’ll find the helmet of your dreams, the best of the best. If you are in doubt check our list, I’m sure you’ll find the one for you. In the meantime, read along.

Top 6 Road Bike Helmets Overview Chart

PictureNameDescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Giro Aeon Cycling Helmet (Matte Black, Large)Polycarbonate/EPS liner/24 vents/Reinforced$$4 8
2. Limar 777 Bike Helmet, Red/White, X-LargeAerodynamic/24 Vents/Antibacterial pads$$4 8
3. Bell 2014 Gage Road Cycling Helmet (Mat White/Orange/Blue Burnout - M)Polycarbonate/26 vents/Reinforced$$$4 7
4. Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet Blue/White, LPolycarbonate/EPS Liner/Removable X static comfort pad/Optical shield$$$$4 6
5. Giro Savant Helmet Matte Black/White, LPolycarbonate/EPS liner/25 Vents$4 6
6. Giro Atmos Cycling Helmet (Matte Titanium, Small)26 vents/Roll cage reinforcement/EPS Liner/Low profile$$$4 6

Road Cycling Helmets

They differ greatly from their counterparts, the mountain bike helmets. Rather than focusing primarily on protection and security, the road bike helmets have another challenge to overcome, aerodynamics.

It may not seem like a great deal, but achieving that perfect aerodynamic position could be the difference between efficient cycling and wasting of energy. The helmet can help a lot when it comes to aerodynamics.

In addition to this, the helmet has to offer ventilation for the head, otherwise the helmet will soon become uncomfortable and the reason for underperformance.

Road cycling helmets are mandatory for pros during races. There’s a reason why this is the case. Every cyclist, no matter their age, sex or style of cycling has to wear a helmet. It can prevent serious head injury and it can save you from unnecessary scratch marks.

So helmets not only protect, they improve your performance. Other than that, you’ll look like a “pro” when someone meets you on the road. They’ll just move out of the way so you can pass next to them like a lightning.

A small advice to everybody, teach your children to wear helmets. One day they will thank you for teaching them to ride a bike the proper way, safe and secure.

Now that you know more about road bike helmets we give you the best road bike helmet and another 2 worthy helmets we ranked for 2nd and 3rd place.

3 Best Road Bike Helmet Reviews

1. Giro Aeon Cycling Helmet

Ranked at place No.1, the Giro Aeon Road Bike Helmet having it really is something to be happy about. It looks amazing, you won’t even feel it on your head and will give you the edge you need to get that perfect aerodynamic position for more efficient riding.

Available in 18 colors and 3 sizes, certainly you will find the appearance that will suit you. It has polycarbonate shell with EPS liner for protection. In addition to this it has a thermoformed SL Role cage reinforcement just to be sure that no impact can harm you.

24 wind tunnel vents are taking care for the ventilation of your head. This will surely be a nice way to cool off on that exhausting ride of yours.

Overall a superb helmet for every road cyclist. It will be a huge boost in your performance while not impairing the comfort of your ride.

2. Limar 777 Bike Helmet

The Limar 777 Bike helmet is ranked 2nd, but it’s a very close call to rank it below the Giro Aeon. Almost the same quality and specifications, it will deliver what you need.

Made from polycarbonate and with aerodynamic design it’s suitable even for competitive level, the pros use it! It has soft washable antibacterial pads for improved comfort once it’s on your head. It’s an awesome helmet for those who don’t want wearing one, who find it uncomfortable. The Limar 777 focuses on the comfort of its owner and is light as feather.

You can get this helmet in 7 combinations regarding to colors and in 3 sizes to meet everybody’s taste. It’s not all about the appearance but it does matter!

3. Bell 2014 Gage Road Cycling Helmet

This helmet has a very nice smooth design, aerodynamic and shape that will fit everybody’s head. Coming in a huge variety of color designs there’s a helmet for everybody’s taste.

It has 26 vents that offer great ventilation for your head and will keep it dry and cool. What’s special about this helmet is the odor-eliminating X static padding and svelte rigging. In the long-run it might turn out very neat.

For the price you pay you get an astounding helmet that will protect, ventilate and improve your performance and in the same time have a nice looking helmet. A true all-in-one deal that can compete with the best road bike helmet.