Best Road Bike Saddle 2021

If you like to cycle and experience the thrill it has to offer without filling any thigh pain or pain around the sit bones area, you’ll probably need a well-crafted road bike saddle. A seat that will give you comfort and will allow you to free your mind to focus it on more important things, for the road for instance.

No matter what type of cyclist you are, you’ll still need a bike saddle, right? So you might as well get a one that will stand out with its quality and features.

We give you the best road bike saddles!

Top 6 Road Bike Saddles Overview Chart

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Selle Italia Gel Flow Women's Bicycle Saddle (Manganese Rails, White)Race/Performance$$$4.9
2. Brooks Saddles Men's C17 Cambium Bike Saddle, SlatePremium comfort$$$$$4.7
3. WTB Pure V Race Bicycle Saddle, BlackRace/Performance$$$4.7
4. Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow Women's Bicycle Saddle (Vanox Rails, Black)Race/Performance$$$$4.6
5. Planet Bike Men's A.R.S. Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle (Black/Black)Anatomic Comfort$$4.4
6. Retrospec Bicycles Saddle Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road BikeComfort$4.4

Types of Road Bike Saddle

There are many levels of cycling and many purposes why people are cycling. Of course there’s the competitive level, but that’s a pretty small percentage, the casual cyclist who wants to enjoy in his/hers ride and just free its mind from all the garbage. You might be cycling for commuting to work or as a means of transport for other particular reason.

Different needs have to be satisfied, that’s why there are different designs of road bike saddles that target particular group of cyclists depending on their style and frequency of riding.

  • Race/Performance. This type of road saddles targets those who want to take their cycling sessions on the next level. They compete with themselves or with their friends, might as well include the pros here. Their focus is to achieve the best result possible.
    The saddles purpose is to provide that, by offering the best comfort obtainable with weighing as little as the material and design can afford. They have pointy front part to avoid friction with the legs and offer the cyclist the freedom he/she needs to overcome any challenge.
  • Comfort. Even the previous type is anatomically designed, but the Comfort saddles are a different story. The comfort saddle’s purpose is to prevent any pain from occurring, even during and after long rides. They’re wider, in the front and in the back, than the performance bike saddles. Some include springs for improved shock absorption and for smoother rides.
    The tradeoff is the weight, and in the case of having broader front part friction might occur if you want to achieve better results. The comfort saddles are awesome for commuting and for casual cycling.

Now that you know more about the types of saddles out there, here are the best road bike saddles we have to show you. The best among the finest!

Top 3 Road Bike Saddles Reviews

1. Selle Italia Gel Flow

A real jewel among the road bike saddles, the Selle Italia Gel Flow Bicycle Saddle although tagged as made for women it will satisfy every male cyclist.
It has an elegant design that offers support for the sit bones and looks amazing.

It will make any bike look premium. In addition to that it weighs only 280g. Crafted in Italy it will last for years.

This is truly a premium saddle that will provide you with everything a great bike saddle can do to make your rides more enjoyable and thrilling, and it will do it for a long time.

It deserves to be crowned as the best road bike saddle on the market today!

2. Brooks Saddles Men’s C17

Brought to you by Books Saddles, a premium brand among the manufacturers of saddles, this is a saddle that represents them extremely good. They’re known for their durability and their premium design.

Nobody would want to use a saddle that’s not comfortable for many years, that’s why the Brooks C17 offers astounding comfort, that’s what they’re made for! To comfort you in any journey of yours, any cycling session you undergo. The every ride will feel as the first, time stops with this saddle.

It might be costly, but It’s worth every cent you pay. Better get a saddle that will last longer, than a saddle you’ll have to switch because it worn out.

3. WTB Pure V Race

A bike saddle suitable for road biking and mountain biking, this saddle will take you everywhere without any problems. Long rides, extreme cycling, and competitive level, you name it!

The design of this seat synergies excellent with the padding on your bike shorts. You’ll rides will be comfortable and yet it will be ready waiting for you to pick the tempo up whenever you feel ready for it.

Coming 3rd to our list, this seat offers great value for money, a great deal to take.