6 Best Road Bike Shoes 2021

Once you’re on the road there’s no stopping unless your bike has a malfunction. The rides can last couple of hours and unless everything’s in line your ride won’t be as enjoyable as it should be.

The cycling shoes are of great importance for your performance on the road. Follow this guide and you’ll find out how you can pick the best road bike shoes for you. We’ll analyze them and rank them so you won’t have to!

Top Road Bike Shoes Overview Chart

PictureNameMaterialPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Shimano Men's Full-Featured Light Weight Performance Road Cycling Shoes - SH-R170 (Black - 43)Upper leather, mesh/carbon bottom$$4.8
2. Shimano Men's SPD Sport Touring Road Cycling Shoes - SH-RT82 (Black - 43)Upper synthetic leather, mesh/rubber bottom and plastic$$$4.7
3. Giro Mens Factor Road Bike Shoes (Red/White - 40)Upper synthetic leather, carbon base$$$$4.7
4. Shimano Men's Club Recreation Road Cycling Shoes - SH-R088L (Black - 45)Upper synthetic leather, mesh/fiberglass $$4.7
5. Shimano Men's All-Around Road Cycling Shoes - SH-R078L (Black - 45)Synthetic leather, mesh$$4.6
6. Mavic Avenge Shoes White/Bright Red, 8.0 - Men'sSynthetic leather, mesh/plastic, rubber$4.6

The Importance of Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes have the responsibility to support and comfort your feet while allowing you to transfer the force to pedals effectively and efficiently. In simple words you should feel comfortable while pedaling without any wastage of energy.

Having shoes that don’t match your feet can cause problems to your feet. Aside from that your ride will be painful and you’ll perform bad, really bad. The contact with your bike needs to be supportive rather than painful.

You don’t want your feet slide back and forth in your cycling shoes. This will cause friction that will damage the skin on your feet. Not only that but that contact that you need to transfer the force is smaller this way. All that force wasted by sliding the foot could be used to gain greater speed on the road.

The rides can last pretty long. If you are on a long tour, good cycling shoes can save you from a lot of pain in your feet, during cycling and even once you’re done cycling.

These are the reasons why you should look for the shoes that match your feet entirely. The shape, the length, and the width everything has to be considered. If you’re having a wider foot than most people have, it might be a bit of a problem until you find the right pair of shoes for you.

3 Best Road Bike Shoes Reviews

1. Shimano SH-R170

Made by Shimano and brought to you to make your cycling comfortable and enjoyable, the SH-R170 will be the cycling shoes you’ll fall in love.

So light that once you are on the road you won’t even feel them. Another reason for this is their shape and design made to adapt to every foot. They will transfer the force without any losses.

The base of the shoes is made from carbon fiber and the upper shoe is made from synthetic leather. Your feet will be ventilated so your feet won’t sweat as much as with having other low quality shoes.

Shimano made sure that these shoes will be like “glued” to your feet with the buckle. This way there’s no space for sliding and all your force will be used for pedaling and it will be easier for you to maintain higher momentum.

Suitable for the competitive level, these shoes are a real delight for casual cycling and for the advanced cyclist. These shoes are the safe choice to make as we rank them as No.1 on our best road bike shoes list.

2. Shimano SH-RT82

Another specimen from Shimano, the SH-RT82 are touring road cycling shoes. Made to comfort you on longer rides, these shoes have bigger volume than the usual cycling shoes. This way your feet will feel less pressure and you will be able to stay on the road for a longer period of time.

They are the perfect choice to make if you are looking for cycling shoes for commuting purposes. It’s easy to walk in them once you’re off the bike. The casual cyclist will find these awesome because of this feature. Any person who prefers comfort over challenging cycling will pick these shoes.

3. Giro Road Bike Shoes

The Giro Factor are a worthy contender for the title best road bike shoes. The appearance of these cycling shoes can’t be matched with any other pair. Cycling with these shoes feels as if you are cycling barefoot.

Made for racing purposes these shoes provide with great support of your feet. They have a foot bed that supports the bottom of your feet.

The base is made from carbon and the upper shoe is made from synthetic leather.

Overall a nice pair of cycling shoes that every cyclist would want to have.