6 Best Road Bike Wheels 2021

Finding the best road bike wheels can be quite confusing if you have no idea what to look for. After all, all of them look quite similar. On top of this there is a wide array of bike wheels available on the market which makes the process even more confusing.

This article will show what features are crucial and what you as a buyer should consider before getting a pair. Furthermore we’ll provide you with an in-depth analysis of the top 3 bike wheels sets to ease your final buying decision.

Top 6 Road Bike Wheels Ultimate Chart

PictureNameDescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLS Road Wheelset - Sram/Shimano 11Carbone 700c/ Wheel set$$$$4.9
2. Shimano Ultregra WH-6800 Tubeless Clincher F16H/R20H WheelsetAluminum 700c/ Wheel set$$$4.9
3. FASTEAM® Superlight Carbon Clincher Cycling Racing Wheels 20/24h For ShimanoCarbon 700c/ Wheel set$$$4.8
4. 700c Mavic Cxp22 / Shimano HubsAluminum 700c/ Wheel set comes with tubes and Tires$$4.8
5. Aeromax Alloy Wheelset Road Bike Comp 700c WheelsStainless Steel 700c/ Double Walled/ Wheel set$4.4
6. Vuelta XRP Pro 700c Road Bike Wheel Set Sealed Cartridge BearingsAluminum 700c/ Double Walled/ Wheel set$$4.3

Features of Great Road Bike Wheels

  • Stability. Having a good set of wheels when going downhill allows you to have greater control of your bike. To clarify, you’ll still need to watch out as going downhill with high speed can always be dangerous. However, a pair of good wheels reduces shaking. Shaking leads to loss of speed.
  • Durability. In the long run minor bumps can severely damage the wheel. It will lose its shape and affect your performance significantly. The front wheel especially needs to be durable to withstand high impacts. You never know when a hole can come in your way. If the wheel breaks you may suffer serious injuries.
  • Quality. Quality or performance, it’s pretty much the same. Beginners may not know the difference, but veterans know exactly what I’m talking about. The wheels should transfer your energy on the road efficiently. Minor deviations in the shape during pedaling affect your end results.
  • Value. I’ll try to put this in simple words. Eventually you’ll want to get rid of your wheels and upgrade to better ones. Now, I don’t want to be pessimistic, but we better throw it at you sooner than later. At this point your best option is to resell them. That’s why we recommend you to go for premium bike wheels manufactured by well-established brands such as Shimano, Mavic etc.

We can now move on with our in-depth analysis and see what the best road bike wheels have in for you.

Top 3 Best Road Bike Wheels Reviews

1. Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLS

Made out of carbon, light as a feather, the Mavic Cosmic SLS Road bike wheels are every cyclist dream. Getting a pair of these will substantially improve your overall results. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual rider or a pro. You will enjoy your rides more and you’ll be able to reach your full potential.

It’s compatible with clincher tires which are the tires to buy for casual riders and for amateurs who want to take part in races. This is due to the fact that they’re easier to maintain and in case of a flat tire during a ride you can easily replace the inner tube and you can get back on the road. On the other hand, tubular rims require special tires which are glued to the rim.

This pair has a size of 700c which is consider as the standard size among road bikes with minor exceptions. The aerodynamic design makes them ideal for time trialing and criterium races.

2. Shimano Ultregra WH-6800

If the Mavic Cosmic SLS Road is too much for you, then we’d recommend you opting for this amazing pair of road wheels manufactured by none other but Shimano. Shimano is one of the leaders in the bicycle industry and one of the best established companies in the field. They produce virtually everything you can find on a bicycle a lot, a lot more.

The WH-6800 is part of the Ultegra series. They’re made of aluminum which is a nice replacement for the premium carbon. With the advent of technology and aluminum recycling this scarce material became cheaper, therefore the wheels became a lot more affordable. Use this opportunity to get your bike a nice pair of aluminum wheels.

These wheels too are clincher compatible. Make sure you have caliper brakes, otherwise these wheels will have to wait a bit in the garage. In terms of quality this is as good as it get within this price range. If you look elsewhere you’re probably be disappointed and come back for these.

3. FASTEAM® Superlight Carbon Clincher

Once in a while there’s a product such as this which devastates the competition. The Fasteam 700c Carbon Wheels won’t cost you a small fortune and yet you’ll equip your bike with a pair of carbon wheels. This is a dream come true for every cyclist with a small budget.

However, due to the low price even we’re a bit skeptical. But, how bad can it be? They’re carbon made and they come with a 1 year warranty. This pair is super light and will take of a significant portion of the weight you used take with you uphill. Therefore hill climbing is as easy as never before. If some of your friends have a bike with carbon wheels we urge you to give them a spin. You’ll notice the difference after half a mile ride or so.

We can talk about these wheels for hours and we only compliment them. This pair certainly deserves to be among the best road bike wheels. As such they sit firmly on the 3rd place on our list.