6 Best Toddler Bikes 2021

Finding the best toddler bike for your little can be much more difficult than one might expect. The market is flooded with various models that make the final buying decision a real struggle. Furthermore, you’re not buying a bike for yourself, you’re buying a bike for a kid, yours most likely.

Here you’ll find the top 6 toddler bikes along with information that will allow you to seal the deal easily. Without further a due, here are the best products the market has to offer.

Top 6 Toddler Bikes Comparison Table

PictureNameBrief DescriptionPrice Rating (1-5)
Brief Description
Rating (1-5)
1. Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Tough Trike Wide, Stable Wheel Base/ Durable Construction/ Trike$4.6
2. Radio Flyer Big Flyer Adjustable Seat Positions/ Trike/ Racing Pennant Included$$$4.5
3. Schwinn Roadster Tricycle Heavy Duty Steel Construction/ Low Center/ Balance Oriented$$$$4.5
4. Fisher-Price DC Super Friends Batman Lights And Sounds Trike Balance Bike/ High Quality Pneumatic Tires/ Steel Construction$$$4.5
5. Tauki Kid Balance Bike No Pedal Push Bicycle, 12 Inch, for 18 Months-5 Years Old Balance Bike/ High Quality Pneumatic Tires/ Steel Construction$$$4.5
6. Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle Trike Bike/ Chrome Bell/ Steel Construction$$$4.3

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Toddler Bike

  • Design. The most important feature in the kid’s eyes is the design, in other words, how the bike looks. If it’s not appealing, your little one won’t like it, ergo it will be just another product sitting in your garage.
  • Price. Kids grow fast and their preferences can change quickly. We recommend not to break the bank at this stage in the life. It’s better to save a couple of dollars and buy them a real adult top-notch bike in a few years time.
  • Stability. Pay close attention to how stable the toddler bike is, with the exception of balance bikes. A wide wheelbase promises your kid will stay on the bike, preventing falls, crashing, etc.
  • Type. If the child is able to walk and run with ease but has difficulty keeping balance, a balance bike seems like the best choice to make. Otherwise, go for some of the bikes that offer some customizations in terms of handlebars and seat height.

Let’s take a look at the best toddler bike and see what it has to offer to your little one.

Top 3 Best Toddler Bikes Reviews

1. Fisher- Price Harley Davidson

It’s affordable, looks great, the kids love it and it’s made out of high quality, durable plastic. The Fisher- Price Harley Davidson is every little boy’s dream. It has wide pedals, allowing the little rider to keep pedaling with ease, without its feet sliding and losing grip. Furthermore, kids love it because of the seemingly authentic look of a Harley Davidson. In their eyes, this is the real “children” deal.

A distinctive feature of the Fisher-Price Harley Davidson is the secret compartment that’s under the oversized seat. It’s big enough for little objects that make up for the authenticity. Not to mention the clicking key that makes the kid feel as if it was riding a real motorcycle.

This is a trike, which according to our opinion is the best choice to make since it provides a lot of stability and versatility. You do not have to worry the child will fall off the bike or lose balance. It’s by far the best toddler bike, having all features you should consider before making the final buying decision.

2. Radio Flyer 79

The Radio Flyer is a trike as well, but it differs greatly from the Fisher-Price Harley Davidson. The racing pennant is what the kids love the most about this toddler bike. It makes the bike stands out and you can play pretend that your kid is racing down the street.

The handlebars are made out of chrome promising that the bike will last quite long and adds to the premium look. Stability, this bike has it. The rear wheelbase is rather wide, and the center of balance is low, making turning over the bike virtually impossible.

It does have an adjustable seat, it lets the bike grow with the kid. Once your kid feels prepared for an advanced version you can upgrade. The biggest drawback is the smooth pedals, which do not provide enough grip. With a little extra effort, your little one will get used to it. The bottom line is, it looks amazing and that’s what matters the most. Then again,it costs twice as much as the Fisher-Price Harley Davidson.

3. Schwinn Roadster

This is the deluxe version in this bike category. The Schwinn Roadster looks as if it was taken out of a story telling book. Every aspect of the bike is designed with great attention to detail. The construction of the bike is made out of heavy duty steel. It has a rear wood deck that acts as a baggage compartment. It’s a neat feature that kids just love.

Tipping over the bike shouldn’t be one of your concerns. The Schwinn Roadster has a low center of gravity and a wide wheel base. There’s even  chrome bell that makes the bike look luxurious and makes the kid feel like if it was riding an adult bike.We would’ve given it the title for the best toddler bike,  but it just costs too much. If you have a big budget and you want to make your kid feel like a prince or a princess go for this one, otherwise we recommend the Fisher-Price Harley Davidson.