6 Best Trail Bikes 2021

Finding the best trail bike can be a cumbersome process, not to mention that you need to have prior knowledge to assess the quality of each product. After long hours of comparing and contrasting the features and the flaws of a number of trail bikes we’ve compiled the following top 6 top trail bikes list.

We are 100% positive it will make your final buying decision an easy one. If you don’t want to take any risks, opt for the 1st ranked trail bike. Without further a due, let’s jump into the details.

Top 6 Trail Bikes Chart

PictureNameBrief DescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
Brief Description
Rating (1-5)
1. Diamondback Bicycles OverdriveAluminum Hardtail Frame/ Front Suspension Fork/ Shimano DEORE 20 Drivetrain/ Hydraulic Disc Brakes$$$4.9
2. Frame Mountain Bike Ridge 2.0Aluminum Hardtail Frame/ Front Suspension Fork with Lockout/ Mechanical Disc Brakes/ Ally Wheels/ Shimano 21 Drivetrain$$4.8
3. Diamondback Atroz Comp Full Suspension Mountain BikeAluminum Full Suspension Frame/ Front Suspension Fork/ SRAM 10 Drivetrain/ Hydraulic Disc Brakes$$$$4.8
4. Diamondback Bicycles Hook Hard Tail Aluminum Hardtail Frame/ Front Suspension Fork/ Sram 8 Drivetrain/ Mechanical Disc Brakes$$$4.5
5. Diamondback Bicycles RecoilAluminum Full Suspension Frame/ Front Suspension Fork/ Shimano 24 Drivetrain/ Mechanical Disc Brakes$$$4.4
6. Mantis Orchid Full SuspensionSteel Dual Suspension Frame/ Steel Suspension Fork/ Aluminum Rims/ Shimano 21 Drivetrain/ V brakes$4.3

Trail Bikes vs. Regular Mountain Bikes

Trail bikes are a rather distinctive type of mountain bikes. Their design makes them stand out from the mountain bike family. This out of the ordinary aggressive frame geometry allows the cyclist to go downhill with absolute control of the bike. In addition to this, uphill rides are also convenient, however, not to the extent of a downhill ride.

Trail bikes are all about control, precision and speed. That’s why most of these bikes come with disc brakes, top-notch drivetrains and outstanding suspension systems. Yes, there are hardtail ones which offer greater control for the price of comfort, but most of the time you’ll be on your feet.

The best trail bike can be a full suspension one or a hardtail one. Whatever you prefer!

Top 3 Best Trail Bike Reviews

1. Overdrive

Without any doubts, the absolute best trail bike is the Diamondback Overdrive Comp. Hardtail fans should definitely opt for this particular product. Although it comes with a hefty price tag, it’s definitely worth it. The hardtail aluminum frame is available in 3 sizes. It’s made to deal with any challenge that might come in your way while you’re on the trail.Don’t worry, it might not have a suspension frame, but it has one hell of a front suspension fork.

The hydraulic disc brakes provide the rider with all the stopping power that’s necessary. They can stop the bike in the worst possible conditions. It comes with a high quality Shimano DEORE 2 x 10 drivetrain will not disappoint you, even if you want to kick it up a notch.

In other words, this bike is packed will all the features a trail bike needs to bring the best of any cyclist. The Shimano components guarantee reliable, exciting downhill rides. They won’t break, that’s for sure!

2. Ridge 2.0

Vilano is among the fiercest competitors in this category and in the overall bike industry. For this category in particular, the main reason is this Vilano Ridge 2.0. It’s another hardtail mountain bike that can do wonders. It comes alloy MAG wheels that look outstanding when you’re going downhill at high speed. The double butted aluminum frame is highly durable, able to cope with everything you’ll throw at it.

Don’t worry about going at high speeds since it has mechanical disc brakes and premium tires. They provide the grip and the stopping power that can allow you to avoid any obstacle that comes in your way. A distinctive feature worth pointing out is the lockout on the front suspension fork. If you’re not a fan of suspension lock them and you’ll feel every bump, hole that’s in your way. This increases efficiency and effectiveness, but lowers the comfort and of course, the shock absorption.

 3. Diamondback Atroz Comp

The Atroz is Diamondback’s trail bike representative with a suspension frame. It’s also the most expensive product we included in our top 6 trail bikes list. It looks amazing, feels amazing, but the price was too much for us, so we had to rank it as 3rd.

If we didn’t take the price into consideration, it would’ve been at the very top of our ranking list. It has the usual features such as high quality aluminum frame, aluminum suspension fork, long lasting reliable components. However, this looks like a rather extreme package since it has a 1×10 drivetrain. The hydraulic Tektro Gemini brakes are by far the best brakes you can put on a bike. Overall, the bike is a true marvel. The 27.5 inch wheels are easy to steer, but the wheel rolling power is not lost. In other words, they’re ideal for this type of a bike.

If you have a big budget, go for it! Otherwise, we’d kindly recommend the Diamondback Overdrive Comp.