6 Best Tricycles for 2 Year Old 2021

If you’re looking for a tricycle that can meet the needs of a 2 year old, you’ve arrived at the right place. Finding a tricycle that can fully satisfy one child can be a real struggle, especially if we consider how saturated the market is.

We’ve created this list of the best products in this category, which also includes the best tricycle for 2 year old. Instead of browsing the internet, comparing and contrasting each individual product, take a look at our list and you’ll save a lot of time and money. Without further a due, let’s take a look at the list!

Top 6 Tricycles for 2 Year Old Table

PictureNameBrief DescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
Brief Description
Rating (1-5)
1. Schwinn Roadster Chrome Handlebars/ Steel Heavy Duty Construction/ Adjustable comfort seat$$$$4.6
2. Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Secret Storage/ Authentic Look/ Clicking Key/ Comfort Seat$`4.5
3. Fly Bike Toddlers Glide Unique Design/ Smooth/ Silent/ Foldable/ Compact$$4.5
4. Radio Flyer Fold 2 Go Trike Safety latch/ Portable/ Adjustable seat/ Steel Construction$$$4.5
5. Fisher-Price Rock, Roll 'n Ride Trike Flexible/ Hard Plastic Construction/ Lightweight$$4.4
6. Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer and Stroll Steel Construction/ Removable Steering Hanle/ Fortrest Pelals$$$$4.3

Things to Consider Before You Buy

  • Comfort. The child may not know if something’s wrong with the positioning. As far as it knows, you gave it, and it trusts you. You better get a tricycle with a comfortable seat and comfort oriented design.
  • Reliability. Despite the fact that the child won’t go downhill at high velocity, the construction still needs to be durable. On top of this, the wheels need to be able to withstand low to medium impacts. Otherwise, you put the child’s well being at risk.
  • Features. How the bike looks and its special features are what matters to the child. A secret compartment, or maybe an authentic look? Regardless, children love this kind of stuff! It’s all about the looks.
  • Price. But you better take a look at the price tag. An upgrade will be necessary in a year or two. However, there are tricycles with adjustable seats. Don’t worry, the best tricycle for 2 year old comes with this feature!

Top 3 Best Tricycle for 2 Year Olds Reviews

1. Roadster

The Schwin Roadster Tricycle is the ultimate product in its category, and there are several good reasons that back this fact. First and foremost, it is a bit expensive, but its features make up for the hefty price tag.

It has a durable, heavy duty steel construction that will last for generations. As we mentioned earlier, an adjustable seat can be very useful, especially if the child gets attached to the tricycle The trike will grow as the child grows.The low center of gravity guarantees the safety of the lucky child who rides this outstanding trike. There’s a wood deck behind the seat, which kids simply love! It can act as a baggage compartment. Care for a play session of pretend.

There’s even a bell that adds up to the authentic vintage look. The bottom line is, this is as good as it can get. Let this be the benchmark for your decision making! We loved it, your child will love it for sure!

2. Harley-Davidson

Unlike the previous model, this Harley-Davidson look alike is on the more affordable end. I think it’s rather obvious why kids love this particular tricycle. Although it’s made out of plastic, it’s highly durable. That said, besides being molded to provide the child with maximum comfort, the plastic is strong able to withstand high impacts without losing its shape. However, you better keep it away from hot objects or the plastic can melt.

There’s a “clicking” key which kids find very amusing. Furthermore, there’s a secret storage compartment below the seat, like a genuine Harley Davidson has. Talk about details! Who wouldn’t want to ride an authentic looking tricycle such as this one.

The Fisher-Price Harley Davidson tricycle has convenient big foot pedals for easier pedaling, rugged tires that provide mediocre grip, since they are made out of plastic. Regardless, it’s an amazing entry level tricycle for a 2 year old. Even if your kid’s not fond of it, which is  highly unlikely, there’s no big damage done.

3. Fly Bike

It may look unstable, but this tricycle tells the opposite story. A three point center of gravity provides the highest stability. That’s why tricycles are favorite among 2 year olds. Unlike the previous two models, this one doesn’t come with a ton of features. It’s simple and durable.

Since it doesn’t have a lot of features, there’s not much that can go wrong. As long as the wheels can spin, your child will have a fun time riding around with it. If it becomes obsolete due to it becoming too small for the child, you can fold it and store it safely in your garage. It’s surprisingly compact. Maybe it will find its use among the next generations.

The price is also affordable. You don’t have to put much thinking into it. It comes in different color designs in case that’s one of your deal breakers. Note, it’s silent and smooth! The kid will feel as if it’s flying!

If you still can’t make up your mind, take another close look at our best tricycle for 2 year old list.